Do not make hasty decisions after strenuous exercise

Heavy exercise can put pressure on the brain and reduce its efficiency, especially in decision-making.

After strenuous exercise, it is not only your muscles that are under pressure, but also your brain, and it is best not to make the sensitive decisions of your life after strenuous exercise.

Researchers believe that based on research done on some professional athletes:

Changes in the brain because of heavy training on professional athletes and training program were designed for them that some days, very heavy training and some days lighter.

In addition to exercise, athletes were also calculated cognitively. Brain imaging and the way athletes answered questions showed; on days when exercise was heavy, the amount of blood supply to the lateral parts of the forehead lip in the brain was reduced and the ability to make the right decisions was reduced.

On the other hand, when athletes were very tired, their impulsive decisions increased and their desire to receive a small troll reward immediately increased in exchange for a larger but delayed reward.

The researchers say their findings show that endurance training is generally good for health, but that over-exercising can have a negative effect on the brain.

The decision you make when your brain is tired is different from the decision you make in other situations.

The researchers believe that these findings are probably not only important for training better athletes, but also for making better decisions in other areas. They suggest that to avoid bad decisions, for example, the fatigue of decision-makers in the fields of politics, economics and law should be monitored.

It is better to pay attention to two points: 1- Avoid making important decisions on days when you have done heavy exercise or physical activity, because the ability to analyze data in your brain decreases. 2- If you are exercising with the intention of losing weight, decide on your diet before exercise and do not go for food choices at the height of fatigue, because your resistance to wrong choices in this situation can be reduced.

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