All about Kook Sool Won

Kook Sool Won is a collection of modern Korean ancient martial arts organized in 1958 by Su Inuk. In 1961, he introduced the Kook Sool Organizational Organization and named it Kook Sool One (Korean Traditional Martial Arts Association).

 Hyuk’s goal was to present and integrate a full range of Korean martial arts, including hand and foot strikes and the use of cold steel.

One of the secrets of Kook Sool One for a successful joint is that the defender is open-handed.

Kook Sool Won or the Korean Traditional Martial Arts Association is one of the most complete and at the same time the most practical martial arts that is now taught in many countries around the world. This martial art covers a wide range of ancient Asian fighting methods and at the same time expands techniques and inner strength.

Principles and techniques:

Kook Sool Won includes the following set of techniques:

1- Joint locks: There are various types of this technique in “Kook Sool One” which include: wrist joint locks, arm locks, and small joint locks.

2- Hand kicks (Su Ki = Zuki in Japanese pronunciation): includes palm kicks, fists, finger kicks, elbow kicks, and the use of pressure points.

3- Foot kicks (joke sools): include rotational and jump kicks, combination kicks and also pair kicks.

4- Throwing – Throws (Tuki – Jap Key): Contains throwing with the whole body, throwing by foot, defending against catching, and also fighting on the ground.

5- Knock-down techniques: These techniques are taken from the failures of judo and help the student to get out of difficult situations without injury.

6- Animal imitation techniques: This part, which is less used than the above techniques, is a memorial to the father and grandfather of “Su In Hyuk”, who was skilled in Chinese disciplines and taught his skills to his child.

7- Techniques for using weapons: which, like Hapkido weapons, include: sword, long and short sticks, canes, nunchaku, crescent-shaped knife (wool two), spear, and fan.

8- Healing techniques: which include acupressure massage, massage with medical oils, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

In advanced courses, there is a lot of emphasis on performing more accurately and combining techniques. The method of arranging techniques in the fight against several opponents is more visible in the more advanced stages.

The stitch uniform is called “do bok”, which is black (because white is a symbol of mourning in Korea) and is thicker than the taekwondo and karate uniforms and thinner than the judo and jujitsu uniforms.

The top part of this uniform is longer than the top part of other strings and at the bottom, it is divided into several parts by several slits, which are sometimes decorated with colored borders or in the form of roots. The model of this dress is taken from the clothes of old Korean warriors. In the past, the color of the belts was fixed and the promotion of the student was determined by the decorations on the edges of the clothes, but now colored belts are used and the grains are divided into 10 categories.

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