Why do you feel pain in your back after running?

When you prepare for a long run, you expect your legs to get tired, your lungs and heart to work hard, and you to get physically and mentally tired, but what you do not expect is back pain after running. But Why do you feel pain in your back after running? Not surprisingly, back pain is very common among runners, especially inexperienced runners or those who run with the wrong technique or have weak back muscles. If you experience back pain after running or while running, you know how annoying and painful it can be.

Back pain after running and its cause

If you think about it, your back plays a huge role when you run. When you run, you should keep your body upright and slightly forward, sometimes even for long periods of time – and your back should help keep your body moving and upright.

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Why do you feel pain in your back after running?

Reasons Why do you feel pain in your back after running

When you run, the core muscles of your body have to work hard to support your spine and lower back, your pelvis, legs, buttocks and hamstrings, to keep you stable. When one of the muscle groups gets tired, your lower back area has to work harder than before to support you, which can be a reason for back pain or injury from this area.

If, instead of pain while running in your lower back, you feel this pain in your upper back, this pain can often be caused by the position of your head. You may be wondering how the position of the head can cause back pain in the upper back. But it is true. Most of the pain in this area is due to the incorrect position of the head when running, which increases the tension and pressure on the upper back. Another cause of lower back pain is your arms. If you hold your hips too tightly or too high, or raise your shoulders (which usually happens when you are tired), all of these factors can cause pain in your upper back. Lack of knowledge about the correct form of running can be a reason for the wrong shape of the head and arms when running.

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What can we do to help prevent back pain while running?

The best thing you can do to prevent back pain while running or after running is to improve your strength and flexibility. You need a strong central core to support your spine, and you also need strong, flexible legs (buttocks, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, and legs) to support you while running. The running form will help you.

That’s why cross-training combines strength training with a running routine. If you plan to run long distances or long periods of time, you need to strengthen your body to help it move and improve your running form.

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