Things to do before exercising

Wipe off your makeup

“The combination of sweat and cosmetics can increase the accumulation of excess fat,” says Dr. David Bank, a dermatologist in Monte Cisco. Because skin pores open when defined, we do not want to destroy the skin’s natural ability to breathe by blocking it with makeup.

This can lead to cosmetic acne (a type of acne that is in the form of small, non-inflammatory red bumps). The bank recommends that you use wipes, as you can easily put them in your sports bag.

Even if you do not apply makeup, you still need to clean your skin before exercising. “The best prevention is to cleanse the skin before exercising with something that kills bacteria, such as a topical antibiotic or topical benzoyl peroxide,” says Dr. Ronald Mui, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills.

These acne medications can penetrate deep into the follicles and prevent the production of bacteria that may be caused by sweating.

Choose a suitable sunscreen

If you exercise outdoors, sunscreen is necessary, but you should choose the right formula. “Hair,” says that oily sunscreen can cause acne by clogging the pores, but using a lighter formula can relieve the feeling that you will not get pimples later. “If you use non-greasy lotions with SPF, your pores will probably not clog,” he says.

Use fewer hair products

“Many people use emollients and other products that are very greasy, and when they fall on your face and back because of sweating, they can clog pores,” says Mui. This is why you often see acne on your forehead.

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Try not to use this type of product for your hair on days when you exercise hard. If for any reason you cannot do this, we suggest that you at least use a sweat absorber to prevent sweat and hair products from reaching your face.

Things to do when exercising

Clean sports equipment

Do not trust others; they may not clean the device or equipment after they have finished their training. Bacteria multiply on these devices, and if your face meets them, only once during exercise, these contaminated objects will be transmitted to your skin. Be sure to clean the surface of any device with an antibacterial wipe before using it.

Things to do after exercise

Wash your face immediately

To eliminate any accumulation of bacteria in the pores, wash your face as soon as possible after exercise. “Hair” recommends that you use a cleanser containing benzoyl peroxide to deal with possible acne.

Overcome any inflammation

“Bacterial buildup can also cause inflammation,” says Mui. Use an anti-inflammatory moisturizer to restore moisture to the skin, relieve inflammation and prevent pimples.

Take a shower

Wearing sweaty clothes can cause acne. “If sweat builds up on your skin, it clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing,” says Bank. Take a shower after your workout. If this is not possible, clear acne-prone areas, where more sweat builds up, such as the chest, back, and abdomen.

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