Volleyball is a team sport between two teams on a rectangular courtyard that has equal lines and a height-separated interface that each team is allowed to use 6 players, which is the basis of the game. Is that they exchange the ball by hitting between the two teams. Each team is only allowed to hit three times to pass the ball to the other side of the net, and a point is awarded to the opposing team when the ball hits the opponent’s court or due to an error by one team.

Volleyball rules and regulations

In 1922, rules were laid down for the sport of volleyball, including the fact that each team could only hit the ball three times and then the ball had to be moved to the opponent’s court.

Dimensions of volleyball court

It is held in the dimensions of 9.18 meters and the volleyball tour is one meter wide and 9.5 meters long.

Time to play volleyball

Volleyball play time is unlimited so that a match may even last two to three hours. Each match is played in a maximum of five sets or rounds. Any team that reaches three sets sooner wins the match.

Number of players and balls in volleyball

Each volleyball team has six main players and six reserve players. The volleyball is made of leather or rubber in one color. The circumference of the ball is 65 to 67 cm and the weight of the ball is 260 to 280 grams. The rest time between the second, third and fourth sets is two minutes and between the fourth and fifth sets are two minutes to Five minutes is variable.


Each team consists of 6 players. Three players are in the front line and three players are in the back line. When the ball is served, the three front line players must be in front of the back line players. The player serves from the right-hand side of the back row with one hand. When the ball enters the field, players can move anywhere to throw the ball and are even allowed to go off the field to prevent the ball from coming into contact with the ground.

The officials

Each match has a referee who stands at the top of the tour and oversees the execution of the match.
– The referee also sits in front of the referee and assists him in judging.
– Two people are also placed next to the lines.
– Like other sports, he is also responsible for registering points.
Two teams of 6 face each other. The referee is at the top of the net, watching the match and holding a whip. The referee’s head is also placed in front of him. Here the team that receives the service is waiting for the ball. Players are on standby and hands, fingers, arms and legs are in the desired position. The players stand in the center of the field and this is where most of the attacks take place, with one of them standing near the net and the rest of the players forming a w-shape.

Volleyball errors

The main mistakes are:
1- The team player crosses the horizontal line under the net and touches the ground or one of the opponent’s players.
2- The team player prevents one of the opposing team players from playing.
3- The players of a team are not in their place.
4- The players of a team touch the ball more than three times.
5- The team players touch the ball twice in a row.
6- The player hits the ball from the opponent’s field.
7- The ball hits the ground outside the border lines.
8- The ball hits the ground.

History of Volleyball

Volleyball was invented, 111 years ago by William. J . Morgan, director of the YMCA, in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This sport was originally named Mintont and the reason for choosing this name was unknown to everyone. Influenced by the popularity of basketball among the general public, Morgan decided to create a sport for his students that would be played on the net and be enjoyable.

Morgan started the game with a tennis court that closed on either side of the gym wall and a basketball that did not injure his hands due to his light weight. Although it started slowly from the YMCA, it soon became popular in all cities of Massachusetts and New England.
At Springfield, Dr. T. Hallstead observed the game and renamed Mintont volleyball because the basic purpose of playing, sending, and exchanging the ball over the net is the word volleyball. Specifies.

Although volleyball was indoors at the beginning of the sport and was played indoors, and was “basically” dedicated to entertaining activities for artisans and traders, it gradually spread to the open field as one of the activities. It was an interesting summer and was highly sought after.
In the beginning, there were no special rules for playing volleyball, each person and in each country played with the ball in their own way and in different ways. Volleyball was gradually spreading in different regions and regions of the world. Just as any invention is accompanied by shortcomings in the beginning and is completed and eliminated over time, volleyball was no exception to this rule, and little by little, rules were set for this game and technical methods and movements replaced the previous ones.
In 1900, it was accepted that the score for each set was 21 points.
In 1912 the rotation system was approved.
In 1917, it was accepted that each game set would be 15 points.
In 1918, six players were offered on each side of the field, which was widely accepted.
In 1921 it was agreed that each team would send the ball to the other side with three hits.
In 1923, the size of the playground was set at 9.18 meters.

Gradually, in the following years, many rules for this game were enacted and many previous laws were changed, and these changes still continue (2000), and every four years in the International Volleyball Congress, changes are made to the rules of the game. It is approved and in the World Congress, which was held in 1998 (solar year 1998) at the same time as the 14th World Volleyball Championship for men and the 13th World Volleyball Championship for women in Japan, by passing and changing laws such as the method of scoring with brotherhood, 25 points for sets.

 First, second, third and fourth and 15 points for the fifth set, as well as the approval of the Libero defender, the use of the new method of penalties and the approval by throwing the ball in the previous Congress, all these new rules have created a lot of change and developments in volleyball.

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