There are so many types of sports all over the world which are all awesome and intriguing.  Here in this article there is detailed information about 6 types of sports which are so famous. Don’t forget to share this article about types of sports after reading it.


Mini-golf is a sport to increase the composure, concentration and decision-making power of players, which is done with a putter and ball on the field, the player must hit with the least impact. (Preferably a shot) Guide the ball into the hole. Mini golf is played in small areas and for this reason it is also called miniature golf. In some countries, this game is also called: Midget golf, Goofy golf, put-put, Crazy golf, etc., but in the world it is more known as Mini golf. In mini-golf, unlike golf, only short kicks are used and the player enters the ball into the holes, which number 9 or 18, with the least amount of kicks.

2.Ping pong

Ping pong is a unique individual sport that requires high and precise technical abilities, good aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, fast action and reactions, strength and speed, coordination, flexibility and agility in championship levels, and according to these factors and measurements. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of people and choose the appropriate exercises to overcome them.

Ping pong, like many other sports, was probably first played in the late nineteenth century in England with basic, cohesive equipment as a simple social pastime. The game is based on medieval tennis. Under the same name today, various trade names such as gosshima (1891) and whiff-waff, along with badminton and tennis, became very popular in the late 19th century. The sound of a ball hitting a table and a rocket hitting the skin of an empty lamb (which was common at the time) was recorded by May Jacks and his sons in 1900. The game became popular with great enthusiasm.

A report published in 1903 set out new requirements for men and women to wear appropriate clothing and formal shirts, how to hold a pen holder, and brief tips on ivory procedures and tactics. The game quickly entered the United States and was probably the first gaming device made there in 1887. The game was popular in Central Europe from 1905-10, with a special interpretation before any changes or corrections. It was introduced to Japan, which later spread from Japan to China and Korea.

Over the next sixty years, ping pong became a universal sport, with probably forty million competing players practicing the game and played millions of times unseriously. However, the game itself did not change much in its early days. Although faster is more skillful and difficult than just twenty years ago.


Darts is a professional sport and its international competitions are held. In this sport, athletes demonstrate their focus, skill and strong hand by throwing a dart at the target screen.

 This sport is very popular in family, friendly and intimate circles and parties due to its high sense of competition and also its great excitement and charm. In most sports, in addition to a lot of space, expensive facilities are needed, or in team sports, it is necessary to gather people; But darts can be practiced in a very small space with three darts and a dart board and with at least one or a maximum of one person. The space intended for darts is a very small space.


The word Judo consists of two Japanese parts. Ju means “calm” and do (two) means “way” or “method”. Therefore, judo is a gentle sports method for training the human mind and body. Although novices are skeptical of the meaning of the word by seeing the techniques of lifting and lowering the opponent, you should know that all the basic techniques of judo are based on calmness and continuity. Judo is derived from the martial arts developed and used by samurai and the feudal warrior class. The history of this sport shows that most judo techniques were designed to damage and destroy the enemy on the battlefield.


Swimming is a solo and water sport in which a swimmer can advance in the water and keep himself suspended in the water by specific and practiced movements . This sport is one of the most popular sports in the world and has many fans. Despite its simplicity, it requires a lot of physical strength and a lot of exercise.

Swimming is available in both general and professional levels. General swimmers are people who use swimming only for fun and enjoyment and are not subject to the rules and regulations. Many of these swimmers prefer to swim in the open water to swim in the pool and use the natural waters for their enjoyment. Professional swimmers are athletes who are trained according to the principles and rules of swimming in swimming pools . They can participate in official competitions based on experience and expertise.

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