Top exercises to increase height (part1)

Height gain depends on a person’s age. By the age of 18, the body’s growth plates are open, so young people and those in the early stages of adulthood can increase their height by doing some exercises that work on building muscle. In this article, we have told you some exercises that help increase height.

The goal of these exercises is to stretch and flex the body. When high-intensity stretching exercises are performed, the bones and cartilage of the body grow. More growth hormone or HGH is also secreted. These hormones and exercises have a double effect on height increase.

The exercises described below work on the upper and lower body, and are based on the concept of Pilates. It is recommended that there be a 48-hour interval between both exercises.

1. Vertical hanging

This is one of the most useful and simple exercises to increase height. This exercise stretches the spine because it pulls the cartilage in the spine.

2. Basketball / Rope

Both of these activities involve jumping, which increases blood flow to the long bones in the body. It also puts extra strain on them. As a result, they grow longer and gain more volume.

3. Cobra traction

Lie on your chest on the floor. Keep your lower body still and use your arms to lift your upper body. Kill yourself as much as you can. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds. This is a great exercise to increase height and it is very easy to do.

4. Vertical bend

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Now bend down and try to touch the ground. However, when bending, make sure you do not bend or twist your knees.

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