Engaging in children’s sports activities and depleting their energy has positive effects on improving children’s academic performance, fitness and mental health , as well as institutionalizing a healthy lifestyle habit from an early age. Of course, do not forget that you should not expect children to understand these issues, but it is your duty to strengthen this quality in them with your creativity and combination of sports and games.

Children’s exercise and play can have an important impact on a  child’s growth and health , as well as recognizing his or her talents. During an outbreak of coronavirus, where the ability of children to play and play  outdoors is severely limited,  playing sports at home can be an important factor. In the following article, you can with Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Children’s Sports Games .

The importance of children’s play and sports

Undoubtedly, children need to drain their energy through play and entertainment. The importance of children’s play and sports is not limited to this point; Through play and entertainment, the child learns the rules of the game, interacts with others, and through this, his social skills are strengthened. Creativity is also acquired through children’s games.

Some children’s games that are play-sports can help the child discover his interest in sports and walk in that direction. Research shows that children’s sports games, especially elementary school sports , allow children to use their creativity while strengthening their imagination, skills, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Children’s play and exercise are important because these games are very important for healthy brain development. It is through play that children interact in the world around them at a very young age.

The best games and sports activities for children

In sports games, one of the most important points is team building. Team sports can enhance children’s social and team skills. In addition to team building, it should be noted that sports play is fun and develops other skills such as motor skills. The following games are fun and entertaining sports games for children.

  • basketball game
  • Tennis
  • Run
  • football match
  • Athletics games
  • Game Gymnastics
  • Play volleyball
  • Game Ping Pong
  • Swimming

Sports games for toddlers

Usually parents are trying to find a sport or sport suitable for toddlers 1 to 3 years old. This age range is very sensitive and difficult, because a baby who is only 12 months old is not ready for complete and complex sports activities, but he is definitely able to do a small number of sports activities until he is a little older and ready for a variety of sports.

  • Throwing: Most babies have the ability to throw a soft foam ball on request.
  • Catch: It is important to use a very soft foam ball, because although most toddlers know they can catch something, they have not yet reached the age where they can do it successfully and control it easily.
  • Rolling: Putting a toddler on a soft mattress can be fun and somewhat informative.
  • Walking / Running: Depending on the toddler’s level, walking or running to the ‘finish line’ can be a great sport activity for a toddler.

Sports games for preschool and kindergarten children

Preschool generally starts at age 3 or 4 and lasts until age 5 and 6, and is the best time to start engaging children in sports activities using play. Many of the above sports activities can be started at this age. For example, the:

  • Basketball: Ideally, with a hoop that is at a maximum height of one and a half meters and with a soft foam ball, children can be introduced to this sport.
  • Gymnastics: Taking the kids to the club and playing on the mat with structured activities would be a good starting point.
  • Swimming: This exercise should be done with caution and in the presence of lifeguards (experts say age 5 is a good starting point)

Home sports games for children

Are you indoors and tired? No problem, there are lots of fun sports games for kids that can be played indoors. Whether the weather is very hot or cold, rain, snow or even a wild heat wave, indoor sports are sometimes the best option for children. Here are the most fun indoor activities and sports games for kids:

  • Balloon Volleyball

Obviously, you do not want to play soccer or volleyball in your family living room, which is why this safer version of soccer and volleyball is the best indoor activity for children. This game is very easy: inflate a balloon. Throw it in the air and start the game by hitting and sending it to the child. Ask him to do the same and do not let the balloon fall to the ground.

  • Hola Hoop

While most people may think that hola hoop is a solo activity, you can play hola hoop with others as a fun activity for children indoors. The most fun team activity using a hoop is racing: Ask two children to spin the hoop and then try to move at the same time and reach a certain finish line.

  • Foam tools

Foam sports games are great for indoors. Because most foam objects do not break any window in your house! You can make foam balls for your child or buy him a gun that has foam bullets that he can use to practice aiming and shooting.

Outdoor sports games for children

Many outdoor sports activities and games for children are covered in the previous sections. However, there are certain sports activities that are great for the outdoors.

In addition, outdoor sports games for children have several benefits, including strengthening physical and social skills. The physical benefits of outdoor sports games for children such as soccer, skateboarding, walking, cycling and soccer include: building muscle, gaining flexibility, improving balance and coordination, weight loss and general endurance.

The social benefits of outdoor sports are crucial. Playing outdoor sports with a number of children in groups can improve general social development , so that children learn to interact naturally with each other. In addition, social interaction has other aspects such as leadership, self-esteem, and teamwork that are enhanced through these activities.


There are a variety of sports games for children that can be played in groups and individually, both indoors and outdoors. Playing these sports games is fun and strengthens the physical and social skills of children. In addition, by playing sports games from an early age, exercising gradually becomes a habit.

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