Winter, in addition to being accompanied by snow and cold, also promises to be the beginning of winter sports. After the snow falls, people go to snow-covered tracks and places for various winter sports and recreation. Skiing, snowboarding, etc. are among the most common winter sports that attract many fans. A few other fun winter sports are ice skating and hockey. To do these sports, you do not have to wait for the winter season and you can do these sports on special tracks built for them. These exercises are done with special equipment, one of which is skating shoes or ice skiing shoes.

Skating is a popular sport because it can be done non-professionally and even used as a vehicle in almost any place, including parks and sidewalks, just by buying a good skate shoe. It has many fans.

Skating, which dates back to the late eighteenth century, has different types and styles, and choosing a style is the first step for a person who wants to pursue it professionally. Skating is divided into two general categories of ice skating and roller skating, which is usually called the same as skating, and these two categories themselves have different types and varieties.

Guide to find the right hockey skate 

Choosing good skate shoes is the first and most important step in starting this sport and you should be very careful when buying it. If your question is How to choose the right hockey skates and you want to know everything you need to choose the right hockey skates, join us.

How to choose the right hockey skates

Choose good skate shoes at a reasonable price

Many people choose expensive shoes without being sure of their interest in the sport and do not use them after a few days; But that does not mean that you should buy cheap shoes, because buying the wrong shoes can easily stop you from doing this exciting sport.

Cheap shoes are often very durable and lose their shape after a short time of use. These shoes do not have the capabilities of a quality skate shoe and can not be skated properly and perform the techniques required for this sport.

Get the right size for your feet

Be sure to get shoes that are the right size for your feet, and because you can use a shoe for a longer period of time, do not buy shoes that are larger than your feet. Buying shoes that are smaller or larger than your foot size can make it very difficult to balance while skating and can upset your balance and cause you to fall and injure yourself.

Skate Brand has always been one of the components of conscious choice and in this case is one of the characteristics of a good skate. Avoid buying skates with different brands and brands. Be sure to research the skate brands before buying and make sure the brand name is spelled correctly when buying.

How to choose the right hockey skates

Skate shoe form

Several parameters should be considered in choosing a good skate frame, including lightness and not too much weight, as well as its strength and flexibility, which must be checked by pressing the frame with the thumb.

Skate socks: To prevent leg injuries from excessive contact with skate shoes or physical obstacles, skate socks are one of the most widely used components of skating. Therefore, skate socks should have a good thickness and strength so as not to cause damage. Also, if the skate sock is detachable, it can be washed to prevent the increase of bad odor inside the shoe.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground

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Choosing patinage shoes based on the type of use

  1. Suitable shoes for figure skating (Figure Skating): As we have said before, in this method, usually in pairs or multiples, beautiful movements are performed on the ice. Sometimes music plays along with these movements and doubles the beauty of these movements. In general, you should buy shoes that allow you to perform these movements. You should also be able to balance with these shoes in different positions.
  2. Ice Hockey Shoes: Ice hockey is another sport that requires skating shoes. Ice hockey is a team sport that is usually played on an ice field. In ice hockey, each team must be able to grab the ball and enter it into the opponent’s goal. Obviously, to do this exercise, you need a shoe that allows you to perform various maneuvers as well as fast rotations. This shoe should also be able to
  3. Suitable shoes for speed skating (Speed ​​Skating): One of the types of skating is speed skating. In this method, athletes must achieve maximum speed by wearing skating shoes on certain routes. Obviously, to do this type of skating, you need shoes that can provide you with this high speed.
  4. Suitable shoes for Nordic skating (Tour Skating): This method of skating is one of the fun methods of skating that does not have a specific time and in which people have to travel long distances with skating shoes. To perform this exercise, you must provide shoes that do not tire you over long distances.

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