History of Trampoline

Do you know what is the history of Trampoline? It is interesting to imagine that a recreational activity, like the trampoline, has become a discipline of the spring gymnastics of the trampoline. But for gymnastics, he definitely makes sense.

Olympics trampoline

Olympics trampoline before the official introduction of the spring gymnastics Olympic games, the Olympics trampoline competitions were one thing for years. What is the history of Trampoline?  These competitions date back to the 1950s when they were carried out in schools in the United States and Europe. This opened the road to the first world championship in 1964 in London. A year later, forming an international trampoline federation that was responsible for the sentence of this sport.

 How did everything start?

At the beginning, Americans and Europeans (Germany, France, Great Britain) dominate dominating this discipline.  Later, the USSR countries reached the sport dominated and dominated for a while, since they often did it with most of the gymnastic disciplines.

History of Trampoline

2000 summer Olympics in Sidney

The first opportunity we could see the discipline of the Olympics trampoline were the 2000 summer Olympics in Sidney. The format of the competition consists of 23 routines made in a 14-foot standard trampoline x 7 feet. In each of them, the athlete must make 10 different skills and finish when landing on the feet. Since then, many other countries have begun to get interest in this unusual discipline.

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2012 summer Olympics in London

The China development program of the trampoline development gymnastics athletes took home Olympic gold in the 2012 summer Olympics in London. While gold in the last Olympic games was won by a Belarusian trampoline. In addition to having judges for each athlete in the couple, there are also judges who qualify their performance as a couple.


The trampoline gymnastics races have another discipline called fall.  Here they use the autumn track of 25 m length to perform trampoline ability in a single race. What is the history of Trampoline?  The best trampolines generally get the score of 16.5 or more, while the current world record is 18.00, noted by a Canadian Jason Burnet.


Some people can say that the Olympic games began to include some sports mena, but many of the Olympic sports we know today, perhaps seemed to humiliate at that time.

A mixture of athletics and precision

What is the history of Trampoline?  From Rio 2016, the dotted code has been modified and the “horizontal deactivation” score has been inserted.  In the voluntary routine, all ten skills are considered both running and in difficulty. A third component of the total score is the flight time “, which is a measure of real time employed in the air.  This is added to difficulty and execution scores for both routines.

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 Three basic positions

There are three basic positions for jumps and jumps: folding, lucius and design or rectum.  The artists add rotations and turn to get a higher score. Beware of dynamic jumps at different meters above the bed, combined with the ability and accuracy to constantly land in a central trampoline area called jumping area.


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