Regular exercise has many benefits. Exercise not only strengthens muscles, but also strengthens endurance and reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer. If this is not enough, exercise will give you energy and reduce stress. However, exercising at the club has its drawbacks. Clubs are often crowded and if you go to the club during busy hours, you will have to wait a while to use any equipment. Is it better to exercise outdoors? What are the benefits of outdoor sports?

Outdoor Sports: Is Green Sports Better?

According to a comprehensive review by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, outdoor exercise is better for you both physically and mentally. Exercising outdoors (so-called green exercise because it connects you to nature) helps to improve mood and even boosts self-confidence.

What are the benefits of outdoor sports? The effects of outdoor training in this study varied with age. Younger self-confidence increased the most with outdoor exercise, and older self-confidence decreased the least. However, green exercise is good for everyone.

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You do not need to exercise outdoors for a long time to enjoy its benefits. Even 5 minutes of outdoor exercise has mental health benefits. However, to enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of exercise, you need to exercise a little longer. On the other hand, if you are looking for a stimulant, even a 5-minute walk around your home can be helpful.

This study shows that people who exercise outdoors are more likely to commit to it because they feel better when they do. Even people who hate to exercise may find that green exercise is enjoyable. Another advantage is that outdoor exercise absorbs more vitamin D, which may also help improve mood and relieve winter depression.

Outdoor Sports: You have many options

There are many ways to exercise outdoors. You can take a brisk walk, jog in your neighborhood, or find a scenic trail. Take your bike out and ride in one lane. On a sunny day, go to the park and use the playground equipment for a horizontal bar and a park bench for a three-legged dip. Then burn calories and strengthen your quadriceps muscles by swinging on the swing while pushing your legs as far forward as you can.

On a sunny day, play rope with a child outdoors or pull out your yoga mat and do a few yoga moves. Do not forget walking, skating, tennis and swimming. They all burn calories and are outdoor activities.

Green sport: the last word

If the idea of ​​exercising in a busy club does not appeal to you, go outdoors instead. This will boost your mental health, something you will not achieve with exercise at the gym.

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