Jumping rope is a fun activity for kids and a great full-body workout for adults.

It improves your muscle strength and cardio as well as helps calories burn which can lead to weight loss. Today, many people ditch their usual cardio workouts for this activity because all you need to start is a pair of a training shoes and a jump rope.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of jumping rope, different types of ropes, the best time to rope, and introduce our recommended jumping rope for you.

Benefits of jumping rope for weight loss

Although we all know today that a person must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, there are different ways to do this. You can eat fewer calories, expend more energy through movement and exercise, or do both.

Adding jumping rope to your daily routine is one of the best ways to achieve a calorie deficit through exercise. Jumping rope is one of the most effective workouts for fat burning as it can burn many calories in a short time. As an example, a 91 kg person, burns up to 241 calories in 20 minutes of jump rope. However, you should remember that for sustainable weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, including a nutrient-dense and minimally processed diet as well as exercise, is a must.

Types of rope

Here are the 4 different types of ropes:


These ropes are suitable for you if you are learning the fundamentals of jumping rope. They are cheaper but can provide an efficient workout. Basic jumping ropes are thicker compared to speed ropes, and lighter compared to weighted jump ropes. Basic jumping ropes are mostly made with PVC plastic, with rubber or foam handles that help jumpers to grip.


Speed jumping ropes are light, made to be fast. Since speed jump ropes are made of a thin vinyl cord, it’s better to use them indoors to prevent them from wear and tear. This type of jumping rope is great for people who are looking to improve their footwork and build sports skills.


Weighted jumping ropes are good for your arms and shoulders. The extra weight of these ropes requires more effort and energy. Weights usually range from one to six pounds. Experienced jumpers are usually the ones who prefer weighted ropes, but beginners can use them, too. Weighted ropes are a bit slower than speed jumping ropes, and it helps beginners focus on the timing and learning proper form.


Beaded, or segmented jumping ropes can be used by new jumpers. However, they are mostly used in rhythmic jumping competitions due to the noise that beads make when hitting the ground. Beaded ropes are not heavy, but beads add some weight. Beads also help prevent tangling. You can use beaded jumping ropes both indoors and outdoors.

The best time to jump rope

There is no best time for working out that all experts agree on. Some believe jump rope is best to be done in the late afternoon. They say you are at your strongest, your muscles are strongest and most supple, and your lung function is higher in the late afternoon. Moreover, exercising in the afternoon reduces the risk of injury.

Another group of experts believes that it’s better to jump rope in the morning as skipping the workout in the morning happens less. In addition, morning exercise improves sleep which can help weight loss. So, feel free to jump rope whenever you are freer and feel more energetic, whether it is in the morning or afternoon.

Benefits of jumping rope

Weight loss and fat burning are not the only benefits of jumping rope. Here are some of the other benefits of jumping rope:

  • It builds bone density.
  • It improves your agility and coordination.
  • It can be done as an efficient warm-up before exercising.
  • It improves your heart health.
  • It increases your concentration.
  • It’s adaptable for all fitness levels.

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