Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu achieved silver at Tokyo Olympics

From their slow start to land on the podium.

This was their first Olympics together. Canadian divers Jennifer Abel and Mélissa Citrini-Beaulieu were the symbol of patience, poise, and precision that lead to their landing on the podium on Sunday afternoon in Tokyo.

A silver medal in the women’s synchronized three-meter springboard competition was achieved by Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu. As a result, Canada’s second medal at these Olympics was secured. When they did their final dive and made sure that they had achieved the medal, the two hugged each other and held back their tears of joy.

Abel said they hadn’t let their fear control the day. They had made it and that had been a proud moment for both of them, that had been an emotional time. They had come a long way dealing with all those emotions and stress.

Their perfect decision

After the Rio Olympics, Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu decided that their diving style matches with each other, so they did the best thing and decided to join the forces. Inside the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, they perfectly executed their five dives and they secured bronze.

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Citrini-Beaulieu said she tried to stay focused and relaxed which was not an easy thing to do. She was proud that they had managed to succeed. She added that all the work they had put together talked a lot about their great partnership. She cleared that without having each other, they could not have been there.

Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu achieved silver at Tokyo Olympics

Gold and bronze medals

Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu had been working on this performance for a long time and they knew that they are capable of delivering it perfectly in Tokyo Olympics.

Abel said that was the moment when they proved themselves that they were the best Canadian team in diving.

The gold medal was achieved by the Chinese divers Wang Han and Shi Tingmao with326.40 points. They were flawless enough to take the gold medal. Germany’s Lena Hentschel and Tina Punzel stood in third place with 284.97 points.

The Canadians had a slow start but they were consistent throughout the five dives. Finding their way to the podium on Sunday was not easy at all.

During the match

Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu were in sixth after the first two dives, but soon they changed the game. Their third dive was difficult but they managed that perfectly and ended up in a third-place with having two dives remaining.

Citrini-Beaulieu said she knew she could handle the situation. She just needed to do what she could do. She stated that she trusted her partner and knew that she would perform well.

In fact, Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu had been saving their best for the last. Despite being under pressure, their fourth and fifth dives secured the silver medal.

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Irene MacDonald won Canada’s first medal at Melbourne in 1956. Since then, 13 Olympic medals in diving were achieved for Canada.

It is Abel’s second Olympic

After achieving the bronze medal in London 2012, it is Abel’s second Olympic medal. But she could not manage to achieve a medal in Rio with her diving partner Pamela Ware. She stood in fourth place in both the individual and synchronized events. That result disappointed her. But later this 29-year-old athlete said that experience taught her a lot and reignited her love for diving.

Abel said focusing on the medal was the biggest mistake she had done in Rio. She is the most decorated diver in Canada with having ten world championship medals.

Abel explained that the color of the medal was not important for them, but the performance they gave was their main goal.


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