Choosing sportswear is very important. Choosing the right sportswear will help improve your athletic movements, as well as the right kind of sportswear to prevent sweating and fungal skin diseases. When choosing sportswear, it is better to pay attention to other features besides beauty. We suggest you read this part of the wet fashion world to get good information about sportswear. Don’t forget to share this important and useful information about sports clothes with your friends and family members too.

Tips for choosing and buying sportswear

1.Buy high quality sportswear

When buying sports clothes, pay attention to its quality, because low-quality clothes change color and size due to washing, but quality clothes that are made of suitable materials absorb sweat, and you wear such clothes. You will feel comfortable. Try to have quality accessories such as towels, knee braces, elbow straps, etc.

2.Choose cotton

One of the suitable materials for sports clothes is cotton because cotton clothes absorb moisture. In order for sportswear not to lose its shape after several washes, cotton is usually combined with polyester fibers.

Men are better off wearing cotton clothes to exercise because they absorb a lot of body sweat during strenuous physical activity. Athletes should wear appropriate clothing when performing sports such as basketball, bodybuilding and weightlifting where sweating is high.

3.Buy some Sport clothes

Buy a variety of sportswear to get more motivation for the activity. The world of wet fashion points out that among these clothes, choose the dress that you like the most and feel comfortable in it, because the comfort of the dress is preferable to its beauty.

4.Choose the bright colors

The color of your clothes and sneakers greatly affects your mood and motivation; So use cheerful and bright colors.

 All kinds of sportswear

  • Sport shirt

Choose a sports shirt that is not loose and removes moisture from its tissues instead of absorbing it.

  • Sports Tops

Buy a sports top that is made of special fibers and has proper ventilation.

  • Sports shorts

Your sports shorts should have a mesh structure and moisture should be removed from it. Also, its back has a stretching property so that you are not bothered during exercise.

  • Socks

The size of your sock should be high up to the ankle to protect the ankle and the fibers should be washable and have high strength. Try to use linen socks to avoid allergies.

In addition to beauty and comfort, your clothes should be appropriate for your sport, and for each type of sport, clothes with the right material should be selected. The world of wet fashion has explained that fabrics that are designed for lively and high-activity activities should have the ability to absorb sweat, the ability to transfer hot air from inside to outside the shirt, the proper elasticity.

Suitable clothes for different kinds of sports

Suitable clothes for doing Pilates, aerobics and yoga

If you do Pilates, yoga and aerobics, you should wear clothes that show flexibility while bending and doing stretching exercises . Pecan is the best material for doing these exercises. Runners’ clothes are usually made of this type of fabric.

Suitable clothes for bodybuilding

Cotton clothes combined with polyester fibers are suitable for sports such as basketball, bodybuilding and weightlifting that have high perspiration due to the absorption of sweat and moisture.

Suitable clothes for stretching exercises

Fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, graphite and composite fabrics have high flexibility and do not tear during stretching movements and are not damaged by washing and retain their shape. These clothes are suitable for many different sports. The network structure of this type of clothing is such that air flow penetrates into the fabric of the fabric and expels body sweat quickly.

What clothes to wear for sports?

How to wash sports clothes

  • Before doing anything, you should turn the clothes upside down and then wash them.
  • Sportswear must be washed by hand, as the washing machine destroys the fibers of the fabric.
  • Be sure to wash white clothes separately.
  • You can wash colored clothes together and black clothes together.
  • You can wash gray and blue clothes together.
  • Be sure to wash clothes in cold water and do not use hot water as it may damage the sponsor, number and other marks on the clothes that are engraved with hot press.
  • Do not use emollients. The softener prevents the sports clothes from being completely clean. If you want to use conditioner, you should pay attention to the fact that its use is much less than normal for normal clothes.
  • You are only allowed to use the washing liquid to clean the clothes. Any detergent will destroy the fabric and sponsors on the clothes.
  • Never crumple sportswear for rinsing as it may damage the sponsor and print.

How to dry sports clothes

Club clothes are very sensitive and can be easily pulled, so they should not be thrown in the dryer.

“You should avoid putting underwear in the dryer, as it may shorten their life and tear faster,” says Dr. Landa. The clothes you wear, depending on their gender, can cause allergies. Spandex sportswear will probably wear out sooner. If you put the spandex in the dryer, it will lose its elasticity sooner due to the high heat.

When should we wash sports clothes

Sweaty club clothes should be washed after each workout. According to Dr. Jennifer Landa, Head of Medical Office at Body Logic MD, every time you wear these clothes and exercise, you should wash them without exception.

“When you sweat, your sweat glands release protein and lipids, and the bacteria that live on your skin feed on these lipids and work on the proteins, which cause them to produce odors,” he explains. Be. ”

If you do not wash your club clothes after every workout, especially clothes such as shorts and pants, you will upset the pH level of your skin. This can make you more susceptible to yeast infections, bacterial infections, and other unpleasant complications.

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