Walking shoes

Walking is the most common human movement activity and it is very important to be free and not to wrap your legs when walking. The same thing applies with heel spurs. sports shoes should always be bent with the movement of the foot. Lightness, the flexibility of the shoe in the toe, and impact are the characteristics of a suitable walking shoe.

Running shoes

Today, there are about 200 types of running shoes. Research shows that adding 100 grams to the weight of a shoe slows down a marathon runner by one to two minutes and increases energy consumption by one percent. In these shoes, the toes should move freely in any direction (top, bottom, front, and sides).

Basketball shoes

The sport of basketball is full of leaps and bounds. For this reason, basketball shoes are designed based on the comprehensive support of the muscles of the toe, heel, wrist, and to some extent the leg. The principle of pressure in basketball is on the sides of the athlete’s foot, and for this reason, basketball shoes have a leg to protect the ankle.

Note that sneakers suitable for basketball should be strapped so that they can be neutralized well in parallel with the forces applied to the foot, and this does not come from sticky shoes. In addition, basketball shoes are less flexible than other sports shoes, so that they can withstand the impact of the foot. To test the proper flexibility of basketball shoes, hold the sides of the heel between your hands and press. A good shoe that resists this pressure.

Volleyball shoes

The appearance of volleyball and basketball shoes is very similar. The design of both is similar, but the difference between the two shoes is in the sole of their shoes. The sole of volleyball shoes is designed based on the principles of movement in this sport.

Unlike basketball shoes, which are designed based on forwarding movement and jumping, volleyball shoes are designed based on standing and landing on hard ground, so in designing the sole of a volleyball shoe, layers are used that prevent the impact of the impact that lands on the foot. It can be caught and neutralized.

Volleyball shoes, like basketball shoes, should have legs to support your wrist, and the last point is that volleyball shoes should be relatively fit for your feet; That is, try to choose shoes that are relatively close to your feet. Of course, I do not mean to choose tight shoes, but your feet should not be too loose in the shoes.

Football shoe

These shoes should be made in such a way that they do not limit the physiological range of motion. The sole of the shoe should be designed to prevent injury to the middle of the sole, while also allowing proper arch movement to provide a better position for hitting the ball with the foot. Modern soccer shoes weigh only about 250 grams.

Rugby shoes

Attackers usually wear 8-footed shoes because they create more traction. Defensive players usually have light 6-footed shoes that allow them to move faster.

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