List of equipment needed by the gym (part2)

Small lock or combination lock

Most clubs have lockable shelves, but if you do not rent a lockable shelf, you usually have to bring your locker. It is a good idea to put it in your sports bag.

I remember that on several occasions I had to decide to leave my sports bag unattended and hope that it would still be in place at the end of the workout or that during the workout, my sports bag would follow side, this Pullover, and me. Neither of these choices is correct. Take your lock with you.

Load energy / instant energy food

I like to put one or two energy bars in my sports bag so that I can eat them if I need to burn calories before or after a workout. I usually keep high carbohydrates in my sports bag once if I did not plan well for pre-workout food or needed to strengthen it during a long workout.

I once make protein + carbohydrates available for a post-workout snack to use when I do not have time to prepare a real meal.

Heart rate monitor

While using a heart rate monitor is not necessary for everyone or every workout, it is a great tool for when you want to do some interval training or a specific aerobic exercise, even if it is used temporarily. , Helps you understand how you feel in a given heartbeat and better judge your endurance and limitations.

Personal hygiene items

These items are personal. This list can include deodorant, comb or brush, lotion, shampoo, shower sandals, cosmetics, hand sanitizer, tampons, extra undergarments, headbands, extra contact lenses, and lens solution.

ID card or club membership card

You go to the club regularly so they will probably know you by name, but putting a club membership card in your sports bag is still a good idea.

Dirty clothes bag

You might say that a sports bag is for that, but the problem is that if you do not put your sweaty clothes in another bag after your workout, you can contaminate everything in your bag, including your sports bag itself.

Wet clothes after exercise can be a good place for bacteria to grow, so keep them wet as long as you put your wet clothes in the washing machine.

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