Swimmers often wear three items of gear: a swimsuit, a swim hat, and swim goggles. So, what do you need to know or investigate when purchasing swim goggles to be happy with your purchase?

Here are important points in choosing swimming goggles.

What are you going to do with them?

Swimming in open water (triathlon), indoor or outdoor pools. Depending on what it is, you will require a varied shade of lense colour as well as how gently they suit your eyes (but more on that one a bit later). Indoors, unless there is a lot of lighting, you might not want to choose particularly dark goggles.

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Generally, the smaller the better because there is less resistance in the water; but, they must also be comfortable, so don’t get too hung up on this. One of the important points in choosing swimming goggles is that if little goggles frighten you or you want a wider angle of view than typical, purchase the ones that appear like they’re for scuba diving.

Are the seals made of rubber, silicone, foam, or plastic?

These are the components that really make contact with your skin around your eyes and cause pressure in your eye sockets. One of the important points in choosing swimming goggles is that typically, rubber or silicone materials are the ideal since they can produce suction on your eyes while keeping water out. Silicone is highly trendy these days, however it is a little more pricey.

What effect do they have on your eyes?

Is it too big or too small? When you blink, do your eyelashes make contact with the goggles? This might be really inconvenient. One thing to think about is how long you’ll be wearing them for. It is not a big deal if you only want to swim for half an hour in the pool, but if you want to swim for hours and hours in the open water, the goggles should be very soft and gently sit on your skin. Otherwise, you will be sorry afterwards.

Do they irritate your nose, or do you not notice them at all?

A good pair of goggles should be tight on your nose but not painful. That is why it is essential to try before you buy. One of the important points in choosing swimming goggles is that you should check that the nose piece may be adjusted. If this is not feasible, you should definitely test them out before purchasing them. Otherwise, you can’t be sure they’ll fit because they can’t be adjusted.

What sort of strap are they wearing?

Is it possible to be adjusted to fit my head? The straps are usually fine and easily adjustable. A double strap is extremely common for grownups. For children, the strap should be a little bigger so that it is easier to detangle from the hair.

Is it necessary for me to use prescription goggles?

This is probably not that relevant for most people because there are extremely inexpensive contact lenses available, but there are also prescription goggles available. So, if you can’t see the swim clock or, worse, the wall and don’t use contact lenses, you can certainly get yourself some goggles with a prescription customised just for you, and swimming doesn’t have to be out of the question.

Do they fog up after a while of wearing them?

This is more difficult to test in the shop, but even the worst goggles will fog up after a few seconds. If you buy goggles and they fog up, spit into them or lick them with your tongue inside before placing them on your eyes. You can buy anti fug goggles like Swimming Goggles for Men/Women, Polarized Anti-Fog UV Protection Mirrored Adult Swim Goggles, Swimming Glasses.

Yes, you read that correctly!

However, do not do this immediately away. A thin anti-fog coating on the interior of the lense of high-quality goggles should not be disturbed. This coating should stay for a while, however it loses its anti-fog characteristics after a time.

Never purchase goggles in a sealed case.

You do need to test them on your eyes to see whether they fit, therefore if the manufacturer seals them for you in such a manner that you have to damage the case to try them, they are most likely of poor quality.

Obviously, the price is one of the final items to consider.

The variety is simply astounding. From less than ten dollars to hundreds of dollars.

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