The helmet you choose should be depending on your ability level. You may then narrow down your options based on the amount of comfort, breathability, and even fit that is required. All of our helmets match current safety regulations and offer the same degree of protection. Here is the guide to buying the right equestrian hat.

Criteria for selecting an equestrian hat

You may prepare your horse on your own and ride without assistance. Helmets for the most intense riding should feature soft fabric finishes on the inside for added comfort, as well as foam cushioning and a good ventilation system. You are new to horseback riding and require assistance with your riding and getting your horse ready. You still haven’t mastered the three gaits.


Before selecting a horse riding helmet, consider the circumstances you’ll be riding in. If you frequently ride in hot weather or if you sweat easily, consider a type with more ventilation for improved comfort. Plenty of airflow will be required during hard rides.


Choose a helmet that totally covers your head to check that it is appropriate. The helmet should fit snugly around your head, with no gaps between your skull and the helmet’s sides. It should not be overly loose, but it should remain in place when you move your head. The visor or rim of the helmet should reach down to a few millimetres above your brows and cover your whole top forehead.

Additional information

The primary function of a helmet is to absorb collisions that might result in brain injury. The most often used material is expanded polystyrene, which, like a vehicle bumper, distorts in the case of an accident to shield the protected region.

Range of styles

However, just because a helmet is required does not exclude it from being comfortable and pleasurable to wear. Helmets are now available in a range of styles, ranging from traditional velvet to more technological versions with modern finishes. Comfort has been prioritised in recent years, and today’s helmets have exceptionally comfortable foam cushioning and ventilation systems to keep your head cool.

Famous equestrian hat brands

Owen, Charles

For almost a century, Charles Owen has been producing horse riding helmets in the United Kingdom! They provide anything from jockey skull hats and polo helmets to lush velvet and luxury ranges. They also offer a fantastic children’s collection, which includes glittery helmets. Charles Owen is often on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Helmets made by Samshield

Samshield horse riding helmets were inspired by premium motorcycle helmet technology. They employ high-quality materials to provide maximum protection and comfort for horse riders. Their product line includes jockeys, eventers, and dressage riders from all over the world. They originated in France and have since become a global brand. Samshield is high-quality, and you can even customise your own helmet with Swarovski crystals if you like! Begin putting pennies in the piggy bank to get a Samshield helmet!

Horse Riding Helmets Uvex

Uvex manufactures helmets for a variety of sports, including equestrian! From horseback riding to cycling to extreme activities like ski jumping, there is something for everyone. Their technology has enabled them to cover a wide range of sports. Their horse riding collection includes designs for dressage, showjumping, and cross-country. From casual hacking to the show ring, Uvex has a helmet for you! Traditional styles as well as more current fashion-focused designs are available.

Offer some popular and best-selling Equestrian hat

Unknown Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler

Unknown Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler SCHOOLER HELMET OVATION DELUXE The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is lightweight and low-profile, with an easy-adjust dial for a secure fit. It also has a rubberized finish, a detachable washable liner, a removable breakaway visor, and an innovative YKK[R] adjuster clip and clasp that keeps the rider’s face comfortable. OVATION HELMETS Ovation riding helmets are all ASTM or SEI ASTM certified.

Ovation Unisex Extreme Riding Helmet

Ovation Unisex Extreme Riding Helmet Ovation offers excellent – high quality equestrian merchandise at great pricing, whether you’re at the top of your game or just starting your first riding lesson. It’s no wonder that Ovation is a brand that people return to time and again, with riding gear and equipment for all disciplines, including Dressage, Eventing, and Hunter/Jumper, and Pleasure Riding, and Schooling, and for all ages, from tiny tots to adults.


IRH IR4G XLT Helmet Safety should always come first, whether you’re competing or just working in the ring. Knowing that safety concerns would be a driving force, IRH paired that knowledge with years of expertise and innovative product engineering projects. As a result, we have earned a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of helmets for all riding disciplines.

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