Most Americans still had black-and-white television at the time, and it was very difficult to watch a fast-paced football game and watch the ball on television. Therefore, the black and white design made the balls appear clearer and was a significant improvement. It was also the first soccer ball to use a classic cutout design.

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In slang terms, this ball is a combination of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons that make up the appearance of a soccer ball. Today, most soccer balls are no longer professional and black and white quality, and football leagues use brightly colored balls with different designs.

How is a soccer ball made?

We said that in the past, people had far fewer options as a soccer ball. The Maya used the human skull as a ball, and another type of ball that was very common until 1855 was the inflated bladder of animals such as pigs, wrapped in natural leather. Nowadays, the modern soccer ball on the market is more practical and standardized, and it has a more complex manufacturing process. In fact, a soccer ball consists of an inner bag and a synthetic outer cover.

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