Sportswear has found a new use in lately and is no longer seen only on the field and in gyms. Today, many people, especially men, use sportswear in their daily and even work style and have changed the identity of sportswear. In many business meetings, items such as sneakers and hoodies are seen on the body of people and comfort has become the first principle of beauty.

There are many factors that contribute to success in the sportswear industry; Factors such as quality, durability, comfort and price. Apart from these constant factors, today the choice of brand ambassador and cooperation with athletes and fashion brands also increases the popularity of sportswear brands.


Undoubtedly, in the world of sports products, we do not remember a better known brand than Nike. Nike is one of the largest manufacturers of clothing and sports shoes, and it owes it to years of smart marketing, great design and numerous innovations.

Nike is one of the best examples of branding in the business world and it has built an identity over the years that has attracted the loyalty of many customers. One of the slogans of this brand is “Sports for everyone” and Nike activities in this direction have been able to attract many people with different interests and ages.

Nike has designed some of the most famous linens in history, and with linens such as Air Jordan and Air Max, it has always made its name in sneakers history. The influence of Nike sneakers on hip-hop culture, dance and street fashion can also be seen, which all prove the strength of this brand.


 Another name that has always been heard in the world of sportswear and has always been in competition with Nike is Adidas. The German brand Adidas has had many innovations in the field of sportswear since 1949 and has stepped in the way of sustainability with new technologies and materials.

If we want to look at the impact of sportswear brands on music culture, Adidas is the brand that tops the table. Adidas’ collaboration with singers, bands and luxury fashion brands has not been without reason in its success among the music industry. Adidas products are also in the category of street fashion and apart from sports, they are also in everyday and street style.

Many Adidas sneakers, such as Stan Smith and Superstar, are among the most popular sneakers in history and are especially popular among celebrities. Adidas’ various product lines, including Originals, Performance and Neo, have also helped to attract audiences from various industries.


 A family dispute between the two brothers led to the formation of the Puma and Adidas brands. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler co-founded the brand, which eventually split due to differences. Although Adidas is far more successful than Puma, Puma has also gained a special place in the sportswear industry with its vintage style.

In recent years, the Puma brand has focused on attractive sneakers and, in collaboration with Rihanna and the Fenty brand, has brought the younger generation back to its customer base. Puma leggings, designed in collaboration with Rihanna, have become one of the most popularsneakers of recent years and have been seen in the street style of fashion weeks.

Puma covers many sports with its products and you can go to this German brand for sports such as golf, basketball, football, yoga and motor sports.

4.New Balance

If we want to introduce a company with running shoes, New Balance surpasses other competitors. The brand started in Boston in 1906 and has remained one of the best in the sportswear industry ever since. The focus of New Balance is on running shoes and clothing, but products from other categories can also be found in this brand.

Tennis, basketball, golf, cricket and skateboarding are some of the sports that can be purchased in New Balance. New Balance products are offered to women, men and children and are produced in both the United States and the United Kingdom. New Balance produces products that, while beautiful, perform very well and are therefore very popular among professional and non-professional athletes. Sustainability and environmental protection are also present in the New Balance identity, and the brand is always trying to reduce its damage to the environment.

5.Ander Armour

The story of the Under Armor brand began in 1995 with the production of an innovative T-shirt. The founder of this brand was looking for a fabric that can perform best in the hottest weather conditions. After the fabric was found and approved by American football players, Under Armour began mass production and quickly became popular among athletes.

Under Armor is now known as a brand whose products help athletes perform in harsh weather conditions. Among the capabilities of this brand’s products are faster sweat drying, light fabric and at the same time being waterproof, as well as increasing blood circulation.

Under Armour has been in the ranks of brands such as Nike for many years, competing with top sportswear brands, but in the last two years, due to the Corona crisis, it has run into financial difficulties and is slightly behind its competitors.


The Reebok brand which is a part of Adidas, began producing sneakers and sportswear in 1958, but it was in 1980s that it became famous for designing the first linen for women. Reebok has been known as one of the best sportswear brands ever since, and its retro and vintage style has attracted many audiences.

Shoes are the main product of Reebok brand, but Reebok quality clothes also sell well. Reebok has always worked with brands and celebrities such as Mazon Margela and CardiB ‌ to be remembered. However, Reebok went bankrupt in 2020, and the Adidas Group announced its intention to sell the brand.

From which brand of sportswear should we buy?

After reviewing all these brands, the question may still remain which sports brand is right for us? There are many factors in buying sportswear, such as design, ‌ appropriate size, performance in different climates, and etc. that each person should choose the appropriate brand according to their preferences. As a rule, if design and beauty are a priority for a person, brands such as Nike and Adidas are suitable for him, and if he is looking for a variety of sizes, ‌ it is better to go for other brands. So before choosing a brand, find the important factors in sportswear for yourself and buy according to them.

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