It has nothing to do with what you think. The sports bra is actually a chest vest for a GPS tracker. Made by Catapult Sports provides the coach or team data scientist with all the numbers they need to track an athlete’s performance.

All data points are collected quickly, helping to analyze heart rate, burst rate, and energy used with each movement. Why do male soccer players wear sports bras? Continue reading to find out!

More energy

This is important because if a coach wants a player to move at a certain speed, he can be sure that he is using more energy than he needs.

 Sport Bra to Measure a player’s energy

During the rehabilitation process, players often had to be limited in the amount of energy they needed to use for the rehabilitation process to run smoothly.  If the footballer only needs to run 1 mile during his training time, this sport bras records the kilometers and energy expended on the field.

Why do male soccer players wear sports bras


In particular, dealing with low body energy, exertion, and peak performance is a common factor that trainers and physical therapists look for. During the rehabilitation process, athletes often want to get back on the field as quickly as possible. They will do whatever it takes and exceed the limit to get back on the field.


For example, when Antonio Brown was injured during training camp, we saw that he was only supposed to work 75% on HBO’s hard shots. Players who have more energy and don’t know how to slow down always exert 100% power.

Why do male soccer players wear sports bras? During rehabilitation, it is important to limit the blast so that the wound, ligament or bone has time to heal. The Catapult Sport vest allows coaches and trainers to handle this correctly.

 What does the GPS device do in the sports bra?

The first and most obvious reason is that footballers cannot wear anything on the field. The second reason is that the wearable chest vest is 10 times more accurate than the normal wearable watch. As mentioned above, superstar athletes can cut in the blink of an eye, explode from stance, and perform numerous actions in just one second. The ability to capture data points with each movement is critical.

Why do male soccer players wear sports bras


These data points don’t just work during a game; It is working to deliver 10 data points per second. That means it can keep track of every explosive step and movement an athlete endures during a game. Coaches can keep track of a heat map of where the injury occurred on the field or where the player is likely to be less explosive as the game progresses. All of these data points can be used to improve a player’s game.

Injury prevention

These sports bras also allow footballers to be more aware of the areas in which they need to improve. By viewing a heat map and individual data points, players can be more aware that they are running less in the first half and more in the second half. These are all injury prevention measures that coaches and trainers take.

The effect of music on athletic and performance


The tracker connects directly to the player (similar to the image above) and all data is measured on a smartphone instead of a computer. It works for both iOS and Android devices. The app and the handheld device can display speed, sprint, distance, force, load and intensity data, as well as position data through heat maps in detail: a complete report of the athlete and each movement.

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