Atlanta Hawks / It’s time: a farewell

A lot has changed since Jan. 24, 2014.

Representing a rather anonymous game between the Atlanta Hawks and the San Antonio Spurs, this date also has special meaning to me, my official join to Peachtree Hoops team. We lost the game to Hawks 105-79, which was really terrifying.

My previous job as an editor

The many posts I shared before that is lost in history now, which is a relief from the pressure of the atmosphere. Then I joined Soaring Down South staff on May 6, 2012- writing for an outlet site other than my site-and soon I could become the co-editor at FanSided’s ATL All Day alongside Carlos Collazo (famous for baseball).

Atlanta Hawks / It’s time: a farewell

Working in Hawks with help of my friends

Through writing assignments, I was led to Philip Arena and I met Kris Willis, the editor manager formerly at PTH and now at Talking Chop. Then, Robby Kalland quit his job at Peachtree Hoops to start working at After more than three years, I could run my site with Kris and Hawks assistant. I’m working as a managing editor at Zach Hood after about 11 years. I highly appreciate these people and also thank Garin Narain, Jon Steinberg, Jelani Downing, Max Strauss, and Jason Roose, in addition to Jaryd Wilson, Annie Finberg, and many others.

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Jeff Siegel, now of Klutch Sports Group, has been so helpful and supportive to me for years. Graham Chapple, Glen Willis, Rashad Milligan, Sam Meredith, Wes Morton, and Bob are the writers that I have worked with and I’m really appreciative of.

Kevin Chouinard of, ATL, and 29-Fame is incredible and has taught me many things. SB Nation’s NBA editorial manager, Seth Pollack, has been a precious resource to me and supported Peachtree Hoops all the time.

Atlanta Hawks / It’s time: a farewell

My current professional status

Many things have changed in over 5 years at Peachtree Hoops and about 10 years of covering the Hawks daily. I’m so glad to say I won’t be leaving the Hawks entirely.

I’ll still proudly be the Locked on Hawks podcast’s host, and I’d love you to listen/subscribe.

I’m active on Twitter and still be writing about the NBA (and maybe a bit more about the Hawks) at DIME, SportsLine, and other places. I will conquer the PTH staff.

Now, this is the end of a chapter I value. Not revealing much, I wish it was another way, staying in the same spot. It has been humorously said that I have too many jobs but, speaking honestly, I do! I have a full-time job in the non-sports realm, with many duties as a writer and podcaster.

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Zach Hood, who will be re-introduced in a short time, has been the second top in command for a while. He’s also been performing effectively in the show for a few weeks.

My sincere thanks to the readers, listeners, and also all who commented and interacted in this great community and I look forward to reading the great, persistent work in this area.

Don’t forget Mike Scott who will shoot.

Long live Peachtree Hoops.

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