Overly sexualized pictures of female athletes In Olympics

The chief of broadcasting for Tokyo 2020 is attempting to eradicate excessively sexualized pictures of female athletes in Olympics seeking to set the greatest level of television standards.

sexualized pictures of female athletes in Olympics : Sport appeal, not sex appeal

One phrase Olympic organizers use to achieve gender parity on the field of play and on TV is: sport appeal, not sex appeal. You will not see some of the things that we have seen in the past, such as details and close-ups on body parts, in our broadcast, Olympic Broadcasting Services CEO Yiannis Exarchos stated on Monday. With cutting-edge equipment recording sports like beach volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, and track and field, where female competitors’ outfits might be more exposing than their male counterparts, this can be problematic.

Overly sexualized pictures of female athletes In Olympics

Pink has offered to pay!

This month, away from the Olympics, a more forceful protest was launched. Norway’s ladies declined to play in bikini bottoms at a European beach handball tournament, preferring to wear skin-tight shorts instead. They were penalized for violating dress codes, which Pink, a popular American singer, has offered to pay.

The media hasn’t done “everything it can”

The International Olympic Committee does not oversee particular sports rules, but it does manage OBS and oversees the broadcast output from Tokyo that is aired across the world. What we can do is make sure that our coverage doesn’t emphasize or showcase what people are wearing in any manner, Exarchos added. The media hasn’t done “everything it can,” according to the executive.

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To accomplish this, the IOC amended its “Portrayal Guidelines” to encourage all Olympic sports and their rights holders to broadcast their events in a “gender-equal and equitable” manner. Do not emphasize unduly on appearances, clothes, or personal body parts, says the advice, as well as reframing or removing a wardrobe malfunction… to respect the athlete’s integrity. Exarchos stated that the Olympic aims go beyond the elimination of sexualized imagery.

Overly sexualized pictures of female athletes In Olympics

We need to be honest

Women’s and mixed gender events are featured more prominently on the Olympic program. In volleyball and team handball, women’s finals are held after men’s finals. We in the media have not yet done all that we can accomplish, Exarchos remarked, touting 15 years of development. This is something about which we need to be honest and transparent amongst ourselves.

Gender equity consultant slams Japanese media

It’s a theme for the Tokyo Olympics, whose gender equality adviser slammed Japanese media when on stage with the director of Olympic broadcasting on Monday. When it comes to gender, it’s very prejudiced, said Naoko Imoto, a former Japanese Olympic swimmer who now works for UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Rights Agency. Many of the networks view female athletes in Olympic as girls, spouses, or moms, rather than as pure athletes. Most of it also focuses on the appearances, claiming that they are attractive or enticing.

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They are athletes

The Tokyo Olympics have been positioned as a chance for Japan to embrace diversity and promote progress. Imoto expressed the expectation that following the Games, Japanese media and sports leaders will discuss the norms of depiction. They are strong and attractive, but they are not simply ladies, Imoto explained. They are athletes, says the speaker.

Overly sexualized pictures of female athletes In Olympics





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