Organizers in Tokyo confirm that spectators would be permitted at the 2021 Olympics.

Each site will be allowed up to 10,000 spectators, with a decision on the Paralympics likely in July.

Japanese spectators will be permitted to attend.

One of the final logistical barriers in the organization of the Olympic Summer Games has been overcome: Japanese spectators will be permitted to attend. With 32 days before the Opening Ceremony on July 23, the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee, Tokyo 2020, and the governments of Tokyo and Japan declared on June 21 that venues will be allowed to be filled to 50% capacity or 10,000 spectators, whichever is lower.

20000 spectators are expected to attend

According to Toshiro Muto, CEO of the organizing committee, stakeholders such as sponsors and sporting federation officials would not be counted in the attendance figure. Over and beyond the athletes, up to 20,000 spectators are expected to attend the opening ceremony, according to Japanese media.

Limitation on the venues

Even then, there would be limitations on the venues for spectators. Masks will be required at all times; yelling or speaking loudly will be prohibited; and people will be expected to exit venues in a staggered fashion. Spectators will also be asked to go directly to and from venues, as well as take all required measures when moving between regions around the venues.

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In recent weeks, positive rates in Japan have been declining, allowing the parties to invite local supporters to attend. Foreign spectators, on the other hand, will be barred from the event, as decided months ago. The official statement came a few days after Japanese media reported that a decision to allow fans had been reached, only for Japan’s top medical consultant, Dr. Shigeru Omi, to advise against it. On Sunday, the emergency measures in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures were lifted.

A lot of solid protections in place

They feel the risks of illnesses within venues would be lowest if the event were held without fan. Organizers added in their statement allowing spectators that if rates rise before the Games, they will re-evaluate the terms.  Leaders of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee claimed they were certain that permitting spectators at events would have no effect on their athletes’ exposure to COVID-19.  Susanne Lyons, chairwoman of the USOPC, said, “I don’t think we have a great level of anxiety about that.”

US training facility

The United States will have its own training facility in Japan to separate its participants, a step that officials said was especially more crucial this time due to the conditions. Nonetheless, Lyons stated that the USOPC has been monitoring information in Japan and believes that its delegation will be able to participate securely.

Canceling live sites

Parties in Japan will also consider canceling or lowering the size of any live sites and public viewing events to reduce crowding, examine any additional Games-related events, and devise new safe and secure ways to cheer on and support the athletes. According to Muto, Japanese residents have bought about 3.64 million tickets, which is 900,000 more than the number of seats expected to be available.

Like a lottery

This will necessitate a lottery to determine who will be able to attend. Tokyo organizers had anticipated ticket sales of around $800 million, but Muto predicted that the real total would be less than half that. Any shortfall will have to be covered by a government agency in Japan.

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