Lapointe and Vincent try to win in Olympic canoe

As a move toward gender parity in the Olympics, women will race in canoes for the first time. Canada is a gold medal threat in the competition.

Lapointe and Vincent try to win the gold medal in Olympic canoe

Laurence Vincent Lapointe and Katie Vincent of Canada will compete for the podium in Canoes.

Vincent Lapointe, who has been the world champion 13 times, and was almost missing Tokyo 2020, has dominated in the C1 200-meter. Since the sport debuted in 2010, she has earned a gold medal six times.

But Vincent, 25, from Ontario, has recently edged Vincent Lapointe at national trials.

They will race against each other, but they will also team up in the C2 500-meter. Vincent and Vincent Lapointe have won two world titles together.

Now, let’s have a look at what we can expect to see in canoe and kayak racings in Tokyo.

Lapointe and Vincent try to win in Olympic canoe

The way it works

Depending on boat style, canoe sprint events differ in the Olympics: canoe or kayak, and distance. In kayak, athletes may compete individually, in doubles, and in teams of four. There will be six events for women and six for men.

The competitions will be held in quarter-finals, semifinals, and finals, and athletes will compete in preliminary heats to try to advance through them depending on the number of entries.

In canoe slalom, there are four events in which athletes compete individually. in either a canoe or kayak, they will race the white water rapids course through gates to the finish.

In the qualification round, there are two runs; the fastest run can take the athlete to the semifinals. 10 athletes who finish that round quickest will move onto the finals.

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Canadian athletes

20 Canadian canoe and kayak athletes are going to Tokyo; 16 of these athletes make up the Olympic sprint team.

Vincent Lapointe who had missed the 2019 world championships for a failed drug test, is a late edition. Vincent got Canada’s single quota spot in the C1 200, but to make place for  Vincent Lapointe to compete in the Olympics, the team has reallocated one of its women’s kayak berths.

Vincent Lapointe and her partners have dominated the C2 500-meter at worlds with four titles.

Canada’s duo in the men’s C2 1000-meter is made up of Connor Fitzpatrick and Roland Varga.

Vincent Jourdenais and his partner Brian Malfesi recently made his world cup debut in 2019 in the K2 1000-meter.

The K4 500-meter teams will be like this:

The women’s team: Alanna Bray-Lougheed, Andréanne Langlois, Madeline Schmidt, and Michelle Russell.

The men’s team: Mark de Jonge, Nick Matveev, Pierre Luc Poulin, and Simon McTavis.

Lisa Bissonette and Courtney Stott round out the sprint team.

One of the first women competing in canoes in slalom at the Olympics will be Haley Daniels.

Cameron Smedley missed advancing to the semifinals in Rio by one spot, but his placing 9th at worlds in 2019 gave Canada a place in Tokyo.

In kayak, Florence Maheu and Michael Tayler will represent the country.

Lapointe and Vincent try to win in Olympic canoe

Some international athletes

In 2019 worlds, when Vincent Lapointe was absent, Nevin Harrison, a 19-year-old from the U.S. made his way to the top of the podium.

Sun Mengya and Xu Shixiao of China, won the C2 500-meter world gold.

Lisa Carrington, the successful paddler from New Zealand wants to win her third consecutive gold medal in the K1 200-meter.

Another athlete to mention is Hungarian champion Danuta Kozak who won 3 gold medals at Rio and wants to defend her title in the K1 500-meter.

On the men’s side, Sebastian Brendel of Germany is expected to win another time at the Olympics after being the champion in the C1 1000-meter and C2 1000-meter.

Brendel was not successful in the C1 at the most recent world championships and Isaquias Queiroz of Brazil occupied the podium.

Serghei Tarnovschi of Moldova beat Ilia Shtokalov at a qualifier in May and will be competing in Tokyo.

GB will try to hold onto its streak in the men’s K1 200-meter after they won the only two Olympic golds.

Takuya Haneda of Japan competes in his fourth Olympic games in slalom.

Jiri Prskavec of the Czech Republic is the current K1 world champion who secured bronze in Rio.

Maialen Chorraut of Spain will appear for the fourth time in the Olympics to defend her K1 title. She will compete with Jessica Fox of Australia who has two Olympic podium finishes; Jessica Fox will also compete in the C1.

Dates of competitions

Canoe sprint competitions:

On Aug. 3: Women’s K1 200-meter, Men’s C2 1000-metre, Men’s K1 1000-meter, Women’s K2 500-meter.

On Aug. 5: Men’s K1 200-meter, Women’s C1 200-meter, Women’s K1 500-meter, Men’s K2 1000-meter.

On Aug. 7: Women’s C2 500-meter, Men’s C1 1000-meter, Women’s K4 500-meter, Men’s K4 500M-metre.

canoe slalom competitions:

men’s C1 on July 26.

women’s K1 on July 27.

women’s C1 on July 29.

men’s K1 on July 30.

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