Updates on Richard Sherman’s incident

A home surveillance video is now emerged

A home surveillance video of Richard Sherman trying to break into his in-laws’ house has been published which provides more detail on the incident that resulted in Sherman being jailed and charged with a series of criminal acts.

The video shows Sherman trying to open the locked door, asking Raymond Moss, his father-in-law disrespectfully to come out of the house. then, he tries to break down the house with his arms and shoulder. The sound of other family members in the house yelling can be heard.

After not being successful in entering the house, Sherman continues to demand his father-in-law come out and repeatedly yells come through. Then he tries to push down the door again and stumbles away.

Redmond police officers arrest Sherman outside later. He was held without bail until Thursday. Sherman was released on Thursday. His felony charge of “burglary domestic violence” has been dropped, while he still faces misdemeanors charges including criminal trespassing, malicious mischief, driving under the influence, and resisting arrest.

Before releasing Sherman, the Judge ordered him not to use alcohol or nonprescription drugs. He is also ordered to have no contact with his father-in-law. Prosecutors also obtained an order which barred him from having guns.

Updates on Richard Sherman’s incident

What happened that night?

The surveillance video emergence is the latest documentation of the scary night for Sherman’s family.

Multiple media outlets obtained a recording of a call to 911. A woman who could be Ashley Sherman, Richard Sherman’s wife, can be heard requesting immediate help after her husband became drunk and belligerent and talked about suicide during an argument with family members. The woman tells police that Sherman may try to fight them if they come to the scene. She said Sherman was on antidepressants and was receiving mental health counseling.

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In the next phone call, the woman says she believes Sherman is going to her parents’ house in Redmond. We can see what happened there in the video. According to some reports, Raymond Moss told officers that he has armed himself with a handgun and sprayed Sherman with pepper spray. It’s not clear if these events happen in the video.

According to the Redmond police chief, when officers arrived Sherman was acting friendly, but when they told him that he would be taken into custody, he supposedly fought with officers.

According to reports, police deployed a police dog against Sherman because they couldn’t use a Taser due to the chemicals sprayed on him. They also didn’t use a beanbag gun because he was too close. The dog caused some minor cuts on his lower leg; the injuries were later treated at a hospital.

In a different call to 911, Sherman is accused of being involved in a car accident and then leaving the scene. The caller describes a possibly impaired driver as driving through a construction zone.

Updates on Richard Sherman’s incident

Ashley Sherman defends him

Sherman’s wife responded to the incident with a statement to the Seattle Times.

In this statement, she says they are not going to make any statement except he didn’t do anything causing harm to anybody. She also said her kids were not harmed in the incident, adding that he is a good person. She said they are doing all right and trying to get him out. She mentioned again that no one was injured.

Ashley Sherman repeated she supports her husband at his hearing and pledged to get him the care he needs via the AP.

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After the hearing, Ashley Sherman said in a statement that she loves and supports her husband. She said she is committed to helping her husband get the support and care he needs and added that he has been a loving father and husband and they are waiting for him to return home.

After spending the last three seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, Sherman is now an NFL free agent.

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