The arrival of the Team Canada’s athletes

After the ceremony, the delayed Olympic Games finally started.


Gaman is a famous traditional Japanese word that is considered the principal belief here. It means continuing and having perseverance in an unbearable situation. Moreover, it means trying hard and doing one’s best in the face of diversity while having self-control.

This pandemic was a test of relevance for people from all over the world. As a result, Canada’s Olympians have been pushed to the edge. But they tolerated it and finally arrived in Tokyo.

The arrival of the Team Canada's athletes

Opening ceremony

This group of Canadian athletes who walked into an opening ceremony was the smallest compared to other Olympics. They were about 30 athletes wearing Maple Leaf apparel, ready to compete in sports like badminton, tennis, BMX, and weightlifting.

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The number of Canadian athletes in the opening ceremony was small but it was such a powerful moment because not everyone was sure about the possibility of this happening. Watching Team Canada finally walk into that stadium meant so much, more than just starting the Olympic Games. This is the largest group of athletes since 1984, consisting of 370 strong athletes who had come to compete with other athletes.

The arrival of the Team Canada's athletes

An unbelievable honor

Miranda Ayim, a Canadian women’s basketball player, and Nathan Hirayama, rugby 7s player were the flag bearers. The moment when they waved the flag showed that they finally made it. For Ayim, this will be the third and the final Olympic. She said it was an incredible honor for her and she was so pleased to lead the team during that moment.

Hirayama’s father was one of Canada’s national rugby team members. Hirayama spoke about players who had to compete before him. He said it was an honor, there had been so many players before them who had prepared the foundation for them to have that moment to be able to play in those games. He said the journey wasn’t easy for them with all the ups and downs, but the rugby community was excited.

The arrival of the Team Canada's athletes

Athletes held their own ceremony

There were some athletes such as boxers, track and field athletes, swimmers and field hockey players who didn’t take part in the opening ceremony because they are going to play the first few days of the Olympics.

But that couldn’t stop Mandy Bujold and her fellow boxers from having their own type of opening ceremony. Bujold and the team wore their opening ceremony kit and held their own opening ceremony to mark that important moment of their life.

she said since the team was not able to attend the opening ceremony, they decided to hold their own celebration. They also wore their Team Canada gear and watched the opening in the Olympic village together.

Also, the beach volleyball duo and Melissa Humana-Paredes and Sarah Pavan didn’t attend the ceremony because their match will be started the following morning and they wanted to get prepared. Humana-Paredes said the opening ceremony established the quality of the Games. It was a long process and gave everyone goosebumps.

Also, the Canadian men’s field hockey team was another team that held their own celebration. They wanted to feel that they are part of the bigger celebration.

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In the Tokyo events, eight Canadian contingents are going to participate in the competitions which are the most since they boycotted the Games in 1980.

The arrival of the Team Canada's athletes

Canadian athletes are ready to thrive

Chef de mission Marnie McBean, who is a three-time Olympic champion rower has had the responsibility of motivating Team Canada when they were in their darkest pandemic moments. She said Canadian athletes had come this far to gain many accomplishments.

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