“Olympics endanger someone’s health, we will cancel It.” said Bach

The head of the International Olympic Committee clarified in response to the rumors that the 2020 Olympics would not be held this year.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), called on athletes and sports lovers around the world not to spread rumors about the cancellation of the 2020 Olympic Games and to be patient until the Games are held.

In a video conference session in response to rumors of a possible cancellation of the 2020 Olympics, Bach stressed the interaction between the IOC and the Tokyo Organizing Committee and said that the two institutions are fully committed to a successful and safe Olympic Games. . The rumor, which Bach called harmful to Olympic athletes, was first reported by the Times of England. The London-based newspaper claimed last week that the Japanese government had secretly decided to ban the 2020 Olympics altogether in order to avoid the risk of further corona outbreaks. The Times based its claim on an unnamed government official, and it was not long before the Japanese government and the IOC denied it. However, this rumor was widely reported in sports circles and among athletes.

“There is no cure for corona,” said Thomas Bach. Fighting Corona is a tough fight, but we are at war and this is a war for Olympic athletes. Even the most prominent scientists in the field cannot predict the health status of the 206 National Olympic Committees around the world during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which run from late July to mid-September this year. Naturally, and unfortunately, this issue causes many rumors, and these rumors are damaging the process of preparing athletes.

The head of the International Olympic Committee added, “We do not want to spend our time and energy on rumors about whether or not the Olympics will be held, but we are working on how to hold the competitions.” It is our duty to hold the Olympic Games in order to cancel it, and that is why we do not spread rumors about its cancellation.

Bach went on to point out that recent polls show that Japanese people are increasingly opposed to hosting the Olympics in their country, and that holding the world’s largest sporting event while the world is battling the corona virus is not a sign of IOC irresponsibility. .

“Based on the defined criteria and experience of holding other events in the days of the Corona outbreak, holding the Olympics is certainly not an irresponsible act. If we conclude that holding the Olympics is a reminder of people’s health, we will not hold It.,” added Bach.

The last point made by the IOC President was about the presence of spectators in stadiums and gyms if the Olympics are decided. “We have to make a final decision about our athletes, but for now this is an unrealistic hypothesis,” he said. Everyone likes to see stadiums full of spectators. For us, however, holding a safe Olympics is important. Finally, at some point, the organizing committee will tell us what different plans it has for ticket sales. We cannot wait forever.

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