Issuance of Inter travel permission after the coronavirus test of all nationals

The coronavirus test of all International team players who have previously been barred from participating in their national teams’ camp has been ruled out.

In the last round of testing of International team players, no players were diagnosed with Corona, so all of them, including players such as Romulo Lukaku, Christian Eriksen, and Marcelo Brozovic, were allowed to leave Milan and travel to their home countries. They joined their national teams.

Following the outbreak of Corona and the infection of four Inter players, the Milan City Health Organization banned other players, including the national team, from quarantining, but pressure from the football federations of countries where the Nerazzurri have legionnaires caused the ban to be negative. Corona test all players removed. This has happened now, and in addition to issuing a permit to resume training at Inter, national team players were allowed to attend their national team camps.

One of the conditions for issuing a national travel permit to their countries is that they must travel by private plane, train only in the sports centers dedicated to their national teams, and do not go anywhere other than the route of their national team to the training ground.

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