First woman in 40 years winning Wimbledon title: Ash Barty

Ash Barty is the woman who seizes momentum by using a fast start to defeat shaky Pliskova

She started the Wimbledon final perfectly when she collected the first 14 points, then before she beat Karolina Pliskova 6-3, 6-7 (4), 6-3, she held off a comeback for winning her second Grand Slam title which happened on Saturday in London, England.

She also has won the championship at the French Open in 2019 and she added this new achievement to her former experiences.

Since Evonne Goolagong in 1980, Ash Barty is the first Australian woman who won the trophy at the All England Club. Ash Barty stated that Goolagong was a great influence on her; so she wore an outfit in memory of Goolagong’s dress. When Goolagong won her first tournament in 1971 for the first one, she was wearing that dress.

The junior champion at Wimbledon which was a decade ago was Barty who is now 25. Due to burnout, she left the tennis tour for 2 years, these all happened in 2014. Back home she was a professional cricket and after a while, she returned to her other sport.

At the beginning of each set in the game against eighth-seeded Pliskova who was a 29-year-old from the Czech Republic, her performance was perfect. Pliskova was also the runner-up at the 2016 U.S. Open and during major finals, she dropped to 0-2.

First woman in 40 years winning Wimbledon title: Ash Barty

Under the cloudy sky

In the third Barty led 3-0. This made the game first Wimbledon women’s final having three sets since 2021. The participants of this game have not been this far, it means that none of them had been passed the fourth round until this time, so this game was a phenomenon of its kind.

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Despite the rain, two players played under a cloudy sky and with Centre Court’s retractable roof which was open despite the rain in the forecast for much of the afternoon. Barty and Pliskova went through a warmup session together under roof number one because there was a possibility of showers. They were hitting shots while standing side-by-side. Before the final and during the toss coin, Barty and Pliskova exchange smiles and chatter. After that, things got serious and Barty didn’t want to mess around.

First woman in 40 years winning Wimbledon title: Ash Barty

During the game, you couldn’t find any uneasiness or uncertainty in Barty. Her movements and demeanor were confident. Pliskova managed to win a couple of points, 4-0 after 11 minutes, but Barty showed an outstanding performance. All of Pliskova’s speedy serves were returned by Barty without any trouble. Pliskova is 8 inches taller than the five-foot-five Barty, but Barty lobbed her. Finally, Barty won the game but the key point was winning 22 of 31 points which lead to this good result.

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When balls were flying past Pliskova, the crowd began to murmur and wondering if she was going to win a point. Sometimes the racket strings were being filled in a way that you could tell she wanted to be somewhere else.  Sascha Bajin is Pliskova’s coach who has worked with Naomi Osaka. During the game, he was sitting in the guest box with his arm crossed and brow furrowed.

First woman in 40 years winning Wimbledon title: Ash Barty

Unstoppable Barty

Some moments could have made Barty tremble but she is famous for never let anything let her down for too long, just like that hip injury that stopped her usual preparation for the Wimbledon games last month. She was successful in going back to her steadier version against Pliskova. A 108-mile-per-hour ace was delivered by Barty and the last backhand miss from Pliskova made Barty winner of the game. Then Barty covered her arm.

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