Fans will have to follow the protocols at Blue Jays’ first home game

The Blue Jays invited 250 front-line workers for games

15,000 fans are allowed

Fans will watch Blue Jays playing their first game back in Toronto on July 30, while there are many strict public health measures including mask requirements and physical distancing.

Utmost 15,000 fans will be allowed in Rogers Centre to watch the first game Jays will play at home after 670 days away due to Covid restrictions. The tickets will be available from July 22 and Rogers Centre will follow the province’s outdoor venue reopening guidelines.

Meanwhile, fans all over the country are excited to be able to watch Canada’s only MLB team playing at home from the stands.

Fans are happy

Marisa Fong said she is going to get some nose-bleeder seats for her and her friends and they will have drinks and cheer for the team. She believes having that in-person experience after a long time will be provoking.

Since the pandemic made the United States and Canada close the border last year, Fong and tens of thousands of other Blue Jays fans have been deprived of such experience. The Jays played last season’s games out of Buffalo, N.Y. they started this season in Dunedin, Fla. But they are now coming back to Buffalo.


It’s been a couple of weeks that Thomas Riley is in Toronto, now he is happy to watch his favorite team playing live. He said it will be cool to be in an atmosphere where people are all watching the game together.

Fans will have to follow the protocols at Blue Jays' first home game

The configuration

For each game, the Jays are inviting 250 front-line health workers for the first homestand.

Seating for the 15,000 fans will be split. Two-thirds of the seating are designated for standard traditional seating, the maintained one-third is designated for physically distanced pods. For the first 10 home games that configuration will run which means between July 30 and August 8.

The first access to seats is for Season ticket holders

Only the 100-level and 200-level seats are open due to the limited capacity. For Jay’s first homestand, the 500-level will not be available. Season ticket holders for 2021 and 2022 will have access Before Thursday, July 22 at 10 a.m., when the general public gets access to tickets.

Fans will be comfortable

The team’s director of fan services, Christine Robertson said they will give spectators a notice about what they should expect before the game.

She also said she has missed the atmosphere of watching the games just like other fans and their key focus will be to make sure fans feel comfortable.

Fans will have to follow the protocols at Blue Jays' first home game

The protocols

There are a number of health and safety protocols to be followed by fans; one of the protocols says that fans aged two years and older must cover their faces except when they are eating or drinking, sitting in their seats. To reduce contact, ticket issuance will only be available through mobile and payments will be cashless.

Before entering the stadium, fans will be screened for symptoms, and there will be physical distance markers around the ballpark. Lounges and suites will not open at full capacity.

Some fans haven’t decided yet

These stringent health protocols relieve hesitant fans and help them decide easier.

April Whitzman, one of the Blue Jays fans said she, her friends, and her family are still hesitant. It is still important to follow the protocols and stay masked.

She said she is really excited about seeing the dome on July 30 when she runs to it.

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Mark Shapiro, president of the team, said they are incredibly relieved knowing that in two weeks they will be in a real home game with fans watching them in person. He said he is excited for fans to see the team, and for the players to know and feel the special feeling about Toronto and Canada.

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