Announcement of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Health Protocols / Slogans and songs were also banned!

The first phase of the health protocols to be observed during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games has been announced.

The first part of the rules on health protocols that must be observed during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games has been published.

One of the rules stated to ensure the spread of coronavirus during games is that spectators should not chant or sing while cheering on athletes and teams. There is no right to use public transport without permission. Visiting tourist areas, restaurants and shops will also be prohibited.

The set of rules for health protocols has been published in the form of a book and will be made available to the world federations and technical authorities who will be present at the Games.

Participants in these two events will have to undergo regular corona testing, which will include before traveling to Japan, when entering the country, during the Games, and possibly when leaving the country.

Other rules such as wearing a mask (except when eating and sleeping) and keeping a safe distance from others, including two meters from athletes, will also be mandatory.

Athletes must have a negative corona test 72 hours before traveling to Japan. They are also advised to limit their foreign travel to 2 weeks before leaving for Japan. Athletes should not be vaccinated against the Coronavirus to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, and all rules apply equally to all athletes. Any athlete who violates health protocols will be expelled from the village.

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