According to the Japan’s Prime Minister, they will cross the pandemics by Staging safe Olympics

Bach, the IOC president said they had never planned to cancel Tokyo 2020

Japan is capable of staging a safe Olympic

On Tuesday, ahead of the Tokyo Games, Japan’s prime minister said they wanted to show the world that Japan was capable of creating and handling a safe Olympics. Despite the emergency, pandemic, and negative ideas of the general public towards this Olympic, tens of thousands of officials, athletes, games staff, and media will arrive in Japan.

Due to the Corona Virus, Tokyo Olympics had been postponed. Olympic events will start on Wednesday, in softball sport and women’s soccer. They will be started two days ahead of the formal opening ceremony.

Yoshihide Suga, Japanese Prime Minister has a message for the world

In a closed-door meeting with International Olympic Committee members at a five-star hotel in Tokyo, Yoshihide Suga who is Japanese Prime Minister said the world was full of difficult situations, but they could successfully hold the Games in a good condition. So they wanted to transfer this fact from japan to the rest of the world. With the help of an interpreter, he added they would protect the health and security of the Japanese people.

Yoshihide Suga said vaccination had been started so after passing that long journey he was seeing an exit at the end of that tunnel. According to the prime minister’s office, more than 21 percent of Japan’s 126 million population have received their vaccines. This Olympics will last till August 8 and allowing so many international visitors to come to Japan for the games has been questioned by many health experts. Moreover, the Paralympics will be held in late August.

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According to the Japan’s Prime Minister, they will cross the pandemics by Staging safe Olympics

Bach’s point of view

IOC President Thomas Bach praised vaccine manufacturers for their great job on working on a dedicated Olympic rollout and considered Pfizer BioNTech an essential contribution.

Bach said all of the IOC members present here and 85 percent of Olympic Village residents were either vaccinated or immune.

First in-person meeting since January 2020

For the first time since January 2020, the IOC members held an in-person meeting. In that meeting, about 85 of the 101 IOC members were present. The re-election of Bach and the other previous meeting were not in-person, they held that remotely.

But the IOC didn’t mention if they had been asked any members who are not vaccinated to stay away. As soon as Ryu Seung-min who is from South Korea arrived on a flight Saturday, he tested positive for COVID-19.

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Athletes will not be abandoned by IOC

Since Bach arrived in Japan two weeks ago, he has faced anti-Olympic chants from protesters on his visits to Japan such as a state welcome party with Suga on Sunday. On Tuesday, The IOC leader admired the organizers of Japan for hosting the games, he said billions of people around the world would follow, and like the safe Olympic Games which were staged by Japan.

Bach said everyone would admire Japanese people for what they had done for the Olympics. He stated that is his idea, Tokyo 2020 is going to send an important message and it is a symbol of peace, solidarity, and resilience.

Bach again insisted that they would never cancel the Olympic games and they would never abandon the athletes.

More than $3 billion US will be secured by Staging the games in revenue from broadcasters worldwide. This amount is going to help fund the Switzerland-based IOC. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being shared among the 206 national teams by Switzerland-based IOC. $1.7 billion will be contributed to Tokyo organizers of the Olympics and the Paralympics the IOC.

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