In New Zealand, handball is a growing and rising sport. It is, nevertheless, a popular sport that is practised all around the world. The International Handball Federation reports that there are 167 recognised national federations and that handball is played in over 183 countries. It is believed that there are roughly 30 million registered players and 800,000 teams worldwide. If you want to know what features should handball ball have, read on!

First handball competition

Although the game has been played in a variety of styles, field handball was the first organised handball competition. Field Handball was played in conditions quite similar to football. It was an 11-a-side football game played on a football pitch, and it was in this style that the game made its Olympic debut in Berlin in 1934.

Indoor version

The game developed into the modern indoor form of seven-a-side, which is considerably quicker and more forceful. Handball returned to Olympic competition in the indoor version, first for men in Munich in 1972, and subsequently for women in Montreal in 1976.

Specifications and weight of the handball ball

The two main types of team handball differ in terms of the number of participants and the size of the field. The handball ball used in both is 58-60 cm in circumference (approximately 23-24 inches) and weighs 425-475 grammes (15-17 ounces); women and younger players use a smaller ball.

What is the weight of a handball ball?

Handball for Beginners Wadsworth Publishing, California, 1962: 8. “The handball ball is an authentic black rubber seamless spherical 178 inches in diameter and 2.3 ounces in weight.” Officials choose the ball for play in an official competition.” Nicholson, John. 65.20 g “Rules for 4-Wall Handball.” Weight: 2.3 ounces, with a 0.2 ounce variance.

How big is the handball court?

A Handball Court’s Dimensions and Measurements The handball court is 40 metres long and 20 metres broad, with the centre line dividing it evenly. The target is 3 metres broad and 2 metres tall.

What is the standard handball size?

Toddlers. Size is unofficial. 0: 6–8: Children. Size is unofficial. C, D, E: 1 (I) 8-14: Female Youth: C, D, E: 1 (I) Male Youth: 8-12: D, E: 2 (II) 14 -> Women / Female Adolescents: A, B) 2 (II) Male Youth: 12-16: C, B: 3 (III) A: 3 (III) 16 -> Male Youth: A: 3 (III) 18 -> Men

How much does a handball player weigh on average?

The average weight is 2,507 / 14 = 179.07lbs. Today’s athletes are only 7 pounds heavier after 30 years. Take the biggest and lowest weights from both years and average them.

What is the foot size of a handball court?

Dimensions of a 1-Wall Handball Court Handball court dimensions are 40 x 20.

In handball, how big is the goal area?

Modern handball is played on a 40-by-20-metre (131-by-66-foot) court with a goal in the centre of either end.

Reputable brands of handballs

Champion Sports Rhino Playground Balls

The Champion Sports Heavy Duty Playground Ball is a traditional ball for classic sports like kickball and dodgeball, but it’s also adaptable enough for any playground activity. This ball’s nylon-wound cover provides great durability and form retention, making it ideal for games in the gym, on the street, or on the field. Furthermore, the heavy-duty, 4-ply textured surface provides greater grip, making it simple to regulate the precision of throws and kicks to boost players’ game performances. Ball shipments are deflated – no pump is supplied.

Spalding High Bounce Ball

A Spaldeen is officially a Spalding High Bounce Ball. Generations of stickballers and backyard home-run champs have grown up with inchesSpaldeen.inches Use it for Box Ball, Stoopball, Hit the Penny, or tossing against a wall until your mother summons you to the dinner table. Great for party favours for children’s birthday celebrations. Spalding, a division of Russell Brands, LLC, is the world’s leading basketball equipment provider and America’s first baseball firm.

SELECT Solera handball, Grey/Blue, Senior

Even under harsh pitch and weather conditions, SELECT’s hand-stitched footballs and handballs keep their exquisite balance, touch, bounce, and flight for thousands of hours. This degree of perfection is not simple to obtain. For almost 70 years, SELECT has always utilised the best leather and (later) synthetic materials in its hand-stitched balls. In addition, we provide the most extensive quality guarantees in the business.


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