The richest owners of the world’s football club

Football is one of the most popular sports that people are very interested in watching. This is true all over the world. Not only is football a fun game, but it is also one of the most expensive. In this section, we will introduce you to the people who own football clubs and are among the richest people in this regard.

The richest football club owners in the world

Sheikh Mansour

Sheikh Mansour is worth $ 21 billion. Sheikh Mansour owns several football clubs, including Manchester City, Melbourne, New York City, Mumbai, and Montevideo. Sheikh Mansour is an Emirati politician and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. He is also the half-brother of the current UAE president, Khalifa bin Zayed.

Dietrich Mats Chitz

His fortune is equal to 19 billion dollars. Dietrich is an Australian billionaire businessperson. He also owns 49% of Red Bull Beverages. He also owns several clubs in Australia and New York.

Andrea Anelli

Andre’s fortune is $ 13 billion. Andre Anelli is an Italian businessman and owner of Juventus Football Club in Italy. He has been an executive member of the European Club since 2012.

Dietmar Hopp

His fortune is $ 13 billion. Dietmar is the founder of a German software company and a billionaire. He has also been in charge of the German football club TSG since 1899, where he played since he was a child.

Roman Abramovich

Roman is worth $ 12.4 billion. Roman is a Russian billionaire businessman and politician. Roman Abramovich owns Chelsea Football Club, he has several famous football leagues. Roman Abramovich is also the 11th richest man in Russia.

Philip Anschutz

Philip is worth $ 10 billion. Philip is an American billionaire businessman who controls and manages many companies in various businesses, including energy, road construction, investment, sports, newspapers, movies, music theater, and more. Philip is one of the founders of the main football league. Numerous teams are under his supervision, such as the Los Angeles Galaxy team, the fire team in Chicago, New Jersey, and so on.

Nasser Al-Khalafi

Nasser al-Khalafi has a fortune of $ 8 billion. He is a Qatari businessman. He owns the beIN media group. He has invested heavily in Qatar and is also a key member of the Qatar Tennis Federation.

Zhang Jindong

Zhang’s wealth is $ 7.6 billion. Zhang is a Chinese billionaire. His company has many subsidiaries of football clubs. He is also a leader in the retail business and has been as successful as sports clubs.

Robert Kraft

Robert’s fortune is $ 6 billion. Robert is an American billionaire businessman. He is also the CEO of Craft Group. He leads the company and carries out various activities, including sports entertainment, and also owns the National Football League in his own country. Gilt Stadium belongs to him.

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