Real Madrid:

Real Madrid’s poor results in recent weeks have led to increased criticism of Zinedine Zidane, and there have even been rumours of the Frenchman being sacked. Zinedine Zidane appeared in a press conference before the match against Sevilla and claimed that Real Madrid had experienced such difficult situations many times.

Real Madrid’s French coach Zinedine Zidane is once again on the edge of criticism. Although Zidane, as the second most proud coach in Real Madrid’s history, had an excellent reputation among the fans, this season’s poor results have caused his reputation to decline. In fact, as the coach who has won three Champions Leagues at Real, Zidane can now become the first coach in Real history to be eliminated in the group stage. Certainly, Zidane is not the only culprit in this situation, but the French coach is one factor in Real’s current condition. But why is Zidane to be blamed for this situation?

One of the reasons is Unexpected combinations: The French coach has used unexpected combinations many times this season. Of course, in the game against City last season, Kroos sat on the bench, or Casmiro sat on the bench in Kyiv; it was a strange decision. The rotation formula that was successful for Zidane in the 19-17 season has not been very productive in the last four seasons because the quality of the composition is not as good as last season. For example, the combination of the game with Valencia without Kroos and Mandy was severely criticized. In that game, Isco and Marcelo were fixed and performed poorly.

Insisting on players is over: While Marcelo is performing poorly, Zidane is still giving him a chance.

Rejecting players who could be useful to Real Madrid: Trust is at the opposite end of Zidane’s controversial decisions. Players like Llorente, Reggillon and Ashraf (during his time at Dortmund) shone outside of Real. Real Madrid indeed made money from their sales, but each of them could fix some of Real’s weaknesses.

Tactical mistakes: Zidane has kept his tactics and thoughts constant compared to his first season at Real, but when the technical quality of the players and their conditions are entirely different, Zizou has to use other plans. It seems that Real Madrid’s technical staff has no answer to repeating similar mistakes in Real Madrid’s defeats.

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