Hristo Stoichkov:

Stoichkov played for Sharmanley from 1982 to 1984. He started playing professional football in 1984 at 18 with CSKA Sofia in the Bulgarian Premier League. Known for his dribble power and speed of starts, he moved to the Spanish La Liga and the famous Barcelona team in 1990 after winning three league titles and five Bulgarian Cup titles.

In five years with the Catalans, he won four Papa Liga titles.
1994 was the most successful year for Stoichkov. In addition to winning the Spanish First Division Club Football League, he finished fourth in the US World Cup with the Bulgarian national team, scoring six goals himself. He was also named European Footballer of the Year in the same year.
After a fantastic season, he seems to have lost his motivation.

After a poor showing in Barcelona,he joined Parma in Serie A in 1995. But after just one season, he returned to Barcelona. But he could not repeat the ability and efficiency of the previous days in this team. Nevertheless, he was extremely popular in Barcelona, and all the fans, including all the children of the city, worshiped him like an idol.
After the elimination of Bulgaria in the 1998 World Cup in France, Stoichkov went to different countries. He played in Lebanon, Japan and the United States.

Hristo Stoichkov was named Bulgarian Footballer of the Year four times, played 83 national games and scored 37 goals for the team.
In July 2004, after Plamen Markov was sent off after the 2004 European Cup, Stoichkov became the Bulgarian national football team’s successor.
In October 2006, he founded a football team in Spain under his name, playing in one of the lower leagues.
In April 2007, he resigned from the Bulgarian national team and took over Celta Vigo’s leadership in the Spanish first division, which was in danger of relegation. He was sacked in October 2007.
On June 29, 2009, he replaced Henry Michel, the former head coach of the Mamelodi Sundown team, at the helm of Pretoria.

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