This is real! England finally overcome failures and reached its first major final after 55 years

LONDON- if you want to know whether or not football is coming home, don’t miss the Euro 2020 final.

Gareth Southgate has always believed that this team is young and different from its predecessors. They feel the opportunities and use them. Since 1966, this is England’s first Euros final and first tournament showpiece. Gareth Southgate said being able to share this with people of his hometown is special.

There wouldn’t be any trophy for semifinal victory, but it was a display from a team that embraced the challenge of tournament football. Three lions, the symbol of England, means hope against the odds. So, they broke the cycles of disappointment.

The place of Southgate, their 50-year-old manager in history is being redefined. He is the man who led them further in this tournament. He is no longer the man who missed the penalty in Euro 1996.

Opening game and quarterfinal

On Tuesday, Southgate talked about his team. He said barriers throughout these finals. He said his team needs to break down the barriers and you had watched their performances, you realize that they did so at every game. They won their opening game when they beat Germany for the first time since 1966 in a knockout game. Also on Saturday, they won the quarterfinal by beating Ukraine.

Fans reaction

66,000 fans were supporting them here and it is kind of Omen itself. They saw that their favorite team and their manager were learning from previous mistakes. In the 2018 World Cup, England reached the semifinals by beating and Croatia beat them in Extra time.

Southgate said fatigue was the main factor in the second half. He also accepted that they could have made some changes during the game to win. But they weren’t brave. But here, in this match, they were really brave and they achieved a great point.

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After the big start which was made by England, Denmark enjoyed a period of pressure which lead to the culmination of Mikkel Damsgaard’s 30th-minute free-kick. Jordan Pickford, a goalkeeper who had surpassed Gordon Banks, might not be happy about being beaten in the middle of his goal, but Damsgaard has brilliant performance.

There were moments where they stopped playing due to their fear or technical deficiencies. These all happened because they were under pressure. But this time, they stuck to their patterns and kept playing.

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During the game, five changes were made by Kasper Hjulmand and you could tell that Denmark was tired. In contrast, the only thing that England coach, Southgate, did was swapping in Jack Grealish for Saka. Everyone thought about 2018 when Southgate refused to use his bench, but as Kieran Trippier replaced Grealish, in extra time, we had Phil Foden and Jordan Henderson for five minutes.

As always, Sterling had an amazing performance. 10 dribbles were completed by him in a game, and only four players have a higher number. During the game, luck was on England’s side.

11 players were used by Southgate in this tournament and so that they could share the physical and mental load. Moreover, witnessed excellent game management which kept the ball late in the second period.

They wanted to win the game, so they started singing “it is coming home” to strengthen their self-belief. They believed that repeating that sentence will make it true. They had high hopes based on what was happening before their eyes, but also they were really worried because they could remember the past.

This is the everlasting battle for an England supporter. Now, the only thing which is on the way of defining a generation again is Italy.

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