Brazilian player fired after receiving 133,000 in aid from a fan!

In an interesting incident in Brazilian football, the player whose use of a match at a high cost to his club was expelled from the field.

Flamingo defender Felipe Luiz is in the spotlight these days for his interesting interview with the Daily Mail. However, he inadvertently caused another interesting incident this week; the incident was the result of a serious mistake made by his former teammate against him in the penultimate week of the Brazilian first division football league, which led to the dismissal of the offending player.

This incident was not the main subject, but the way the fired player reached the game, despite the ban on his participation in this match, which caused a stir.

The name of the controversial player is “Rodini”, who plays as a defender for Flamengo, but was loaned to Internazionale at the beginning of this season. According to the contract between the two clubs, Rodini was not allowed to play against his main team unless Internazionale was willing to pay one million Brazilian Real (ال 133,000) in compensation to Flamengo. The Internazionale did not intend to do so, but one of the team’s two fiery fans, Elsmar Maggie Schaefer, a wealthy farmer living in western Brazil, agreed to give the money to the Porto Alegre regional team so that he could play Rodini. Thus, the International team was able to use its loan defender to play a decisive game in the championship course against Flamengo at the Maracana Stadium.

Rodini’s presence in this game, however, not only did not benefit Internazionale but also ended to the detriment of the team, as the player was sent off with a rough tackle on the foot of Felipe Luiz in the 49th minute. He was sent off when the game was a one-on-one draw, but the International’s 10-man squad made it easier for Flamengo to score the second goal 14 minutes later to win the home game. International’s troubles do not end there, however, as Rodini has been ruled out of three games with a blunder, one of which is another crucial clash with Corinthians on Friday.

Flamengo scored 71 points in a victory over Internazionale in the 37th week of the Brazilian Serie A to replace his opponent at the top of the table. Flamengo can claim the title by winning the final week of the competition at the home of Sao Paulo.

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