Barcelona did not give Suarez to Atletico Madrid for free

Contrary to some media reports, the transfer of Luis Suarez from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid has not been free for the Madrid team.

The transfer of Luis Suarez from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid in the summer of this year has caused the regret of many Catalan fans. Not only did Suarez start scoring from the moment he joined Atletico Madrid and is now at the top of the Premier League standings, but he also joined Roque Blanco with a small number.

It was initially thought that Suarez had joined Roque Blanco as a free agent, but Barcelona received € 5 million for agreeing to the transfer of their former Uruguayan striker to Atletico Madrid, with the possibility of adding another € 6 million as a bonus. There is. Although Suarez had agreed to leave Barcelona without paying any transfer fee, it appears that Barça still managed to secure a small fee for his sale to one of their main rivals in the La Liga title course.

Suarez left Barcelona with a contract with the club for another year, but the new Catalans’ coach Ronald Koeman told him that he had no place in his tactical plans and that he should leave the team. For this reason, he stated that the only condition for his separation from Barcelona was the termination of his contract. However, it seems that Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have agreed on a low figure to transfer the Uruguayan player without his knowledge.

Of the € 6 million bonus for Barcelona, ​​€ 2 million is for Suarez’s 20 appearances for Atletico Madrid, which Barça have received. Another € 2 million is related to Atletico Madrid reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League, with Rochi Blanco just one step away. The last 2 million euros, however, will be for next season. So far, Barcelona has received 7 million euros for the sale of Suarez to Atletico Madrid, and it is possible to earn another 4 million euros.

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