Slovenia defeats Argentina having Luka Doncic

1st Olympic men’s basketball game ever for Slovenians had a happy ending for them

Luka Doncic appeared successful in his first game in the Olympics by scoring 48 points which was the second-highest total in Olympic men’s basketball history, and leading Slovenia to defeat Argentina on Monday by 118-100.

Doncic scored 31 points in the first half of Slovenia’s first Olympic game ever. Scoring 31 points, gave him a chance to break the scoring record of 55 points by Oscar Schmidt of Brazil in the 1988 Olympics.

Due to the huge lead of Slovenia, Doncic didn’t have to do so much, but his guard for the Dallas Mavericks stayed on the floor well into the fourth quarter and ended up achieve the same result as Palubinskas, who had 48 for Australia in the 1976 Games in Montreal.

Until earlier this month, Slovenia was not supposed to take part in the Olympics, but thanks to Doncic it is now a medal threat. Doncic had a historic first postseason in the NBA and we may see him doing the same in the Olympics.

Slovenia defeats Argentina having Luka Doncic

How did Slovenia defeat Argentina in Olympic men’s basketball?

Luis Scola of Argentina scored 23 points, and Facundo Campazzo added 21.

The opening day of the games in Group C seemed to be a competition between Luka, the 22-year-old phenom, against Luis, the 41-year-old veteran. Luis is now playing in Olympic men’s basketball for the fifth time.

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But soon everyone realized the star of the show was Doncic with 15 points before passing even 5 minutes of the game.

Doncic shot from places where Argentina couldn’t come out to defend. He launched his step-back 3-pointers from behind the international 3-point arc.

In the second quarter, Doncic took his game inside and got consecutive baskets on follow shots.

Slovenia finished the second half 23-8 and extended a 39-34 lead to 62-42 at the break.

Doncic plays impressive

Manu Ginobili, the Argentine famous athlete, was very impressed and tweeted at halftime that in the game Doncic was a beast and praised his enormous mastery of the game.

Even before winning Rookie of the Year honors in the NBA, Doncic had shown he had that playing when he played at Europe. In his second season at NBA, Doncic became the first player who could have average 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists in the first postseason he was playing in. he might appear even better in his first Olympics.

Slovenia defeats Argentina having Luka Doncic

Slovenia surprises everyone

Slovenia has recently started to rise. It won the EuroBasket title in 2017 and then earlier this month, qualified for Tokyo Olympics by winning one of the Olympic qualifying tournaments. In the final, the Slovenians knocked off Lithuania after Doncic went to play for his country because Mavericks was knocked out of the playoffs in the first round.

When Ginobili and some other stars from that era called it a career, everybody thought the 2004 Olympic champions Argentina has passed their years of challenging for titles.

But Argentines showed they’re not done yet still having Scola as they tried to make a run to the gold-medal game two years ago in the Basketball World Cup that surprised everyone. They lost to Spain, but it happened after they had their spot in the Olympics.

Spain and host Japan are also in Group C, but playing against them doesn’t seem to be harder than playing against Doncic.

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