Atlanta Hawks

Young’s injury

When they ruled out Trae Young, the Hawks’ superstar, just 45 minutes left to the start of the Eastern Conference final’s Game 4, everybody thought it will be the end of the team’s hopes of reaching the finals. A few hours later, the situation seemed difficult.

The turn in the Hawks situation

A shocking performance by the Hawks and a 110-88 victory without having Young in the team, in addition to the health-related problems of Milwaukee Bucks’ superstar, have changed the opinions.

Kevin Huerter’s opinion

About the change in the situation, after Atlanta’s victory, Kevin Huerter said that they know they are guaranteed again to be playing at home, and they are in a similar position they were in the last series. He added they know it’s a long way to go, but they also know their situation has got better.

The smart plan

The Hawks coach said young didn’t want to put pressure on his foot. They also don’t know if he can play at Game 5 or not. Despite Young’s condition, the team is surprisingly in a better position than they expected, thanks to McMillan’s smart game plan. The team stuck to the plan, and they scored four of the fives starters just in three minutes which made the Bucks call a timeout.

Heuer said that he wanted the players to find a rhythm, and not try to play the way Trae plays. The players got the message well. they could all score in a few minutes and that set the tone for the rest of the game.

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Williams going to the starting lineup

Of course, it was good if there was somebody to replace Young. Williams said he had a conversation about it with the coach before the game. About this conversation, He said Nate has told him Trae will be out, and then said he is going to start Willams.

Williams was ready for his first conference finals. He finished with 21 points and gave the team the kind of boost it needed in Young’s absence. About going from the bench to the starting lineup, Williams said he doesn’t consider it as a big adjustment. He said it’s how professionals do, one guy goes down and another one should step up.

Bogdanovic returns

Bogdan Bogdanovic had also an important role, despite his knee issue. He tried hard in his first three games of this series and scored 20 points on a combined 7-for-28 shooting entering Game 4. He was different from the person who was a key player in Atlanta’s midseason turnaround. But in Game 4, in the absence of Young, the previous Bogdanovic returned.

About these changes, he said that he lives for these moments and he appreciates every minute of the game. He said he knows getting to this level of basketball and doing the things they have done is hard; it is another level of mental experience which he enjoys, and he is waiting for his game to come.

In the third quarter, after Antetokounmpo injured his left knee, Bogdanovic came. Their team led by 10 at this time, before blowing the game open. But it won’t be fair to say Antetokounmpo’s injury turned the game since the Hawks played well from the beginning.

Atlanta, Bucks, and Milwaukee

Atlanta reached a 10-2 lead in the first three minutes of the game and continued the game in the same way. After the Bucks could walk to the rim over and over again in the first three games of the series, Atlanta outscored Milwaukee 46-44 in the paint in Game 4 and limited the Bucks to just 14 such points in the first half.

McMillan explains the difference for his team by saying that he thought their pressure was much better and they have to make Bucks uncomfortable. He said he thought their team established their defense that night, and their offense seemed to find its rhythm.

Capela gets injured in the final minutes

There was a happy mood inside State Farm Arena in the last few minutes because the Hawks were led by 20-plus points, and people were shouting “Hawks in six!”;. Sources say they are optimistic about his status for Game 5 and his injury is not significant.


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