Badminton is considered a recreational and competitive game. This game is played in two opposing players and two opposing pairs formats. The relationship between badminton and fitness is something we will discuss later in this article. The final goal of a badminton game is winning points by hitting a shuttlecock across the net into your opponent’s court. You force your opponent to make an error and not be able to return the shuttlecock. Due to the lightness of the racket and the shape of the shuttlecock, badminton is a fast game that needs good reactions and speed.

Badminton history

Before starting the relationship between badminton and fitness, let us review badminton history. The beginning of this game goes back to the mid-1800s. The badminton game was created by British military officers placed in British India. The original name of badminton was Battledore. Like other racket sports, people from the upper classes in England used to play badminton games which were considered a simple rally competition.

In the 1800s, some changes were made in this game when British army officers in India, introduced a net and court. Retired officers brought back the badminton game to England. So the game was played in Badminton House in Gloucestershire and got the name badminton, which we know today.

The benefits of badminton

The relationship between badminton and fitness leads us to review the benefits of badminton. This game suggests many benefits. We will mention some of the benefits of badminton in the following.

1. Badminton is a body workout

When you play badminton, you get involved with many activities like getting your heart pumping, running, and diving. As a result, you can burn around 450 calories an hour while playing badminton. Badminton engages your entire body, including the core, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

2. Socializing

Thirty minutes of exercise, five times a week is essential for adults. Every day, we deal with different life responsibilities. Badminton can be a fun activity to consider in your busy schedule to catch up with friends and family.

3. Badminton enhances your mental wellbeing

Some physical activities help you release happy hormones, known as endorphins. As a result, depression, anxiety, and stress will be reduced. Besides, endorphin improves your overall mood and sleep. Also, older people can combat loneliness by playing badminton since it is a social sport.

4. Heart Health

To mention the relationship between badminton and fitness, we can say that badminton improves your heart health by decreasing bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol.

5. Reduce health risks

One of the benefits of badminton is that it decreases the risks of developing type two diabetes by playing badminton since badminton reduces blood sugar.

Possible injuries of badminton

Besides form the relationship between badminton and fitness, we must mention some possible injuries of badminton:

  • Ankle sprain: this is one of the most common injuries in badminton. When a stretch or tear happens in the ligaments surrounding the ankle area can be referred to as an ankle sprain.
  • Wrist strain: in this kind of injury, the ligament in the wrist becomes overstretched and painful.
  • Tennis elbow: it is called lateral epicondylitis that may cause pain in the elbow.
  • Thrower’s elbow: its medical term is medial epicondylitis. This kind of injury is the result of repetitive motions of swinging.
  • Rotator cuff injury: this kind of injury affects the groups of muscles that keep arms in the shoulder socket.

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